Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stairway to Stardom (2017) 逆袭之星途璀璨 Eng Sub

Stairway to Stardom (2017)
Native title: 逆袭之星途璀璨
Also Known as: Ni Xi Zhi Xing Tu Cui Can; 逆袭之星途闪耀; Ni Xi Zhi Xing Tu Shan Yao; Super Star: The Counter Attack Star Shine;

Su Cheng is a college senior who is a diehard fan of Yen Chu Fei. In order to get close to her idol, she starts working as a personal assistant for a celebrity and eventually signs with a management company headed by Duan Cheng Xuan. Her life decisions don't seem to be inspired inspired by the smartest reasons but this is also a story of self-discovery as the budding actress learns

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