Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Be With You (2016) 步步错

Be With You (2016)
Native title: 步步错
Known as: Have to Love; Every Step is Wrong; Bu De Bu Ai
Airs: Nov 2, 2016
Pan Wilber
Hu Qian Yu
Main Role
Xu Lu
Lin Wei Ling

This is about the gratitude and grudges of the rich and powerful, their love-hate entanglement. This is a love game, with lingering desire and pain. They first met while they were young, their feelings were filled with undercurrents. When they meet again, everything is no longer pure. He is a businessman, so is accustomed to using strategy to get everything he wants. Facing her who had returned with hatred, will everything be destined to reverse and start all over again? One step is wrong, every step is wrong. Looking back, perhaps there is still love. But this love is related to hate and this affair is related to self-interest. Perhaps they themselves are also unclear how much is actually sincere. Who has the courage to admit: In fact, happiness is not far away from them. ~~ Adapted from the novel "Every Step Is Wrong" by author Lan Bai Se.

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