Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Working Mom Parenting Daddy - 워킹 맘 육아 대디

Working Mom Parenting Daddy - 워킹 맘 육아 대디
Other name: 工作Mom育兒Daddy,Working Mother, Babysitter Father
Runtime: Monday to Friday 20:55
Broadcast: MBC
Actor(s): Hong Eun Hee, Park Gun Hyung, Oh Jung Yun, Han Ji Sang

Kim Jae Min (Park Gun Hyung) is a sweet husband who will do anything for his wife Lee Mi So (Hong Eun Hee). Mi So has a bright personality, but she learns that she is pregnant with their second child. Even with just one child, she has a hard time raising their child and working. Kim Jae Min decides to submit for a maternity leave at his work and begin to raise their child and do house chores.

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