Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Legend of Mi Yue - 芈月传 - 芈月傳

The Legend of Mi Yue  - 芈月传 - 芈月傳
Release: Jan 29, 2015
Writer(s): Jiang Shengnan
Actor(s): Sun Li, Liu Tao, Alex Fong, Huang Xuan, Gao Yunxiang

In the Warring States period, Mi Yue (Sun Li) is King Wei of Chu’s favorite little princess, but after her father’s death, her life falls to chaos. Her mother is cast out of the palace by the Queen of Chu, and Mi Yue and her brother Mi Rong hide in the palace, avoiding disaster after disaster. Mi Yue had had a childhood sweetheart, but is instead sent as an attendant to the state of Qin when her sister, Mi Shu (Liu Tao), marries there. Mi Shu becomes the queen of Qin, while Mi Yue becomes a consort. After Mi Yue gives birth to her son (Alex Fong), her relationship with Mi Shu deteriorates (both begin to engage in harem politics). Later, Mi Yue and Mi Shu are sent to the far away state of Yan, but unexpectedly, Mi Shu’s son dies, and Qin enters internal turmoil. Mi Yue’s son becomes the next king of Qin, and Mi Yue becomes the first empress dowager in history, “The Empress Dowager Xuan.”

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