Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh My Venus (Korean Drama - 2015)

ชื่อเรื่อง: Oh My Venus (2015)
ชื่ออื่นๆ: 오 마이 비너스 / Oh My God /  오 마이 갓! / O Mai Bineoseu
ประเภท:  Comedy, Romance 
จำนวนตอน: 16
สถานีออกอากาศ:  KBS
วันเวลาออกอากาศ:  Nov 16, 2015 to Jan 5, 2016 @ Monday, Tuesday
ผู้กำกับ (Director):

So Ji Sub รับบทเป็น Kim Yeong Ho
Shin Min Ah รับบทเป็น Kang Joo Eun
Yoo In Young รับบทเป็น Oh Soo Jin
Jung Gyu Woon รับบทเป็น Im Woo Sik
Jo Eun Ji รับบทเป็น Lee Hyun Woo
Sung Hoon รับบทเป็น Jang Joon Sung

Kim Young-Ho is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Even though he comes from a wealthy family background, he suffered a devastating injury during his childhood days. Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness. Kang Joo-Eun is a 33-years-old lawyer who has struggled to support her family. Now, she's overweight and not so attractive.
These two had a connection when they were younger. Now as adults, they meet once again.

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