Sunday, April 14, 2013

Di Jin (ซีรี่ย์จีน)

  • Kangta (Actor)
  • Zhang Qian (Actor)
  • Frankie Lam (Actor)
  • Hong Wah (Actor)
  • Kou Zhen Hai (Actor)
  • WANG BIN (Actor)
  •  Qi Qing Lin (Actor)
  • Zhang Pei Ran (Actor)
  • Lee Tae Ran (Actor) 
  • Mou Feng Bin (Actor)
  • Shao Chuan Yong (Actor)
  • Wang Dan Ni (Actor)
  • Li Qing Xiang (Actor)
  • Wei Lai (Actor)
  • Yuan Xin Yu (Actor)  

Based on the hit online novel by Mu Fei, the grand period drama Di Jin is about the power struggle within the royal family, in particular the maneuverings of the women of the inner court. The Emperor is surrounded by lovely ladies in this palatial drama that reveals the dangerous tangle of love, revenge, and scheming behind the throne.
And some classical sword-fighting and flying. 

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