Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Park Si-hoo: The results of the lie detector

Actor Park Si-hoo raised his voice about the matter of defamation.
Park's spokesperson said, "There is no more fame to defame anymore. We express our regrets to the police who exposed baseless news about Park when he was innocent all along. We are talking about how we should deal with this problem with our lawyer".

Park Si-hoo became gossip when media reported that the results of the lie detector test were all fake. Park's side had claimed they'd never heard of such thing.

The police are trying to figure out the path which this false information might've leaked through. Apparently this matter is sensitive to the police as well as the fact that the results of lie detector tests are being exposed outside is an illegal act.

Park Si-hoo plans on legally dealing with this matter. His legal attorneys claim, "The police should be checked by higher authorities to see who is leaking secret information".

Park Si-hoo has been charged with the rape of star wannabe 'A'. It's been a month since this investigation has been going on along with lie detector tests.

Source: sports.hankooki.com

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