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Watch I Miss You Ep 1 Recap Summary - RAW Korea Drama Tv Series

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I Miss You (Korean Drama) Ep.1

Tae Jun get angry and threaten Hyung Ju. "Where is my money? If u wanna survive ur son, be hurry!"

Myung Hee and Su Yeon is doing funeral for SY's father. She asks to MH, "Now he's gone, right? Is it end?". MH cries..

At that night, they eat out at restuarant. MH gets drunken, "Now your father's gone and we don't have to runaway no more. So now concentrate on your studying, ok?" While talking, she regognize ppl talks about SY's father. "Yeah, the celebrity guy dead? Do u feel interested, huh?"

Jeong Woo is hanging out, then finds Su Yeong at playground. "Do you also live here? Hi, I'm Jeong Woo and 15 years old." SY replies "You don't know me? You said u live around.." But JW pretends he doesn't know, so she gets disappointed and walk away. Then, he starts to call her name. she gets surprised and when she's about to say sth it rains. So she gives her umbrella. JW says "I will come here again to give u this back."

On way to JW's home, the umbrella doesn't work well, but he feels happy.
Next morning SY goes out to see JW. While going, she sees a girl who scared and tries to help but she refuses.

In the meanwhile, Tae Jun looks for Hyun Joo's son. He orders "Find him. If he's dead, find his body..!"

Jeong Woo asks to his new mother, Mi Ran, "Where's my father?

Hyung Ju is in hospital and TJ threatens her. "You wanna live here forever? Then tell me where's ur son! " HJ says "I won't never tell you. If sth happens to my son, u won't get any money." A nurse came in and say to guards "Would u go out for a while? She need to wear other clothe." After they go out, she say to HJ "I'm with ur son. He has hurt in legs and I don't know what to do.." HJ says "You have to be careful. President died and if we don't do well TJ gonna kill me, my son, and you. There's only one way. Go and catch TJ's son."
In the meanwhile, SY didn't meet JW finally and goes back to her home. While going, she sees again the girl who looked scary and talks to her. "Are you ok?" Suddenly the girl's mom appear and says "What are you doing? It's none of ur business. Do not care."
Next morning JW goes to school and finds SY. He sees she's bullied by school mate cuz they think her father as murder. JW gets shocked and feel uncomfortable about her. While she's taking rest at school health room, hee worries of her.

During P.E class, JW come to have fight with mate and SY helps. But he doesn't stop fighting. Seeing he's beated, she remembers when she was beated from her father and feels hard.

After school it rains, and SY gives her umbrella to JW again. She cries, saying "It's lie..I kill nobody. Use this. It must be hurting when you gets rained on." But he refuses, "Why u do this to me? I gave ur umbrella back, then just go without caring me!" She says "Ok..I'm not crying because I'm sad. Just because I feel cold in my eyes.." Then she goes alone.
JW and SY thinks of each other, feeling sad.

Finally he strats to run towards SY's home. And SY is wrting letter to him. 'I won't give this letter to u..but anyway thx for believing I'm not murder's daughter..' She was about to each dinner but someone knocks the door. Victim's family comes and complains. "Where's gone my husband and son? Do u know wat he did to my family?!". SY cries then find JW is watching her. She feels so sad and runsaway. JW finds SY's crying alone in playground. "U're here! Hey, famous girl, Lee Su Yeon..! Murder's daughter, Lee Su Yeon. I wanna be friend with you."

Preview of Ep.3)

SY says to JW "When kisses at first snow, ppl usually asks have u ever done before?" They become friends, but be bullied together in school. In the meanwhile, Hyun Ju still struggle to survive her son. And grown up JW misees SY, and say alone "I will be waiting for you..I'm gonna be mad.."


Recap I miss you Ep 01 Korea Drama 2nd Version

After using up all his energy beating up his daughter, the father sits on the floor, holding a bottle of soju. Suddenly the door opens and enters Kim Sung Ho (Jeon Kwang Ryeol).

The dad throws the soju bottle at the sight of Detective Kim and fights back, but he’s no match for Detective Kim, who takes controls and cuffs him for murder. More detectives arrive to pull the abusive dad away. He screams that he didn’t kill anyone.

Detective Kim looks around the room and notices the lumpy blanket. He uncovers the blanket and is shocked to see a weak, almost dying Soo Yeon. She manages to whisper that she did wrong.

Outside, the neighbors are freaking out about a murderer in their neighborhood. Soo Yeon’s mom makes her way back into the house and meets up with Detective Kim. She scolds him for creating a huge commotion about it, but Sung Ho’s more worried about Soo Yeon, who her own mother doesn’t care about.

“If you’re so worried, you go and raise her.” She says.
And who wins the award for worst mom of the year?

A sudden cut shows Kang Hyung Joon (Yoo Seung Ho) on the ground next to a dead body. He cries. It transitions into more dramatic scenes where an older Soo Yeon (Yun Eun Hye) and Hang Jung Woo (Park Yoo Chun) embrace in fear. The police arrive, and Jung Woo raises a gun. Later, Park Yoo Chun collapses to the floor of an abandoned warehouse as one little girl disappears from sight, leaving the other by herself.

(Was that….a spoiler for the entire series in the first episode?
We sure hope not, because it will make watching this drama that much harder, knowing that everyone probably dies at the end….)

We’re back in 1998, a year after Soo Yeon’s father was arrested and taken away.

The scene opens on the green field of a junior high school in America, where Jung Woo gets knocked over in a game of football. A girl announces that Jung Woo’s father is here and Jung Woo excitedly runs to his room to see him.

But it’s not his daddy. It’s his assistant instead, who tells Jung Woo to look into Ivy League colleges as ordered by the lady of the house….forgetting the fact that Jung Woo’s only fifteen and can’t go to college until later. Jung Woo tells the assistant to thank the missus.

The assistant’s back in Korea and is greeted by the said missus at the airport. Hwang Miran insists that she’s coming, after all, it’s been six months since she last saw her husband. Then a giant teddy bear joins them. Behind the bear is Jung Woo, who nonchalantly asks what car he should get in.

Except, no one seems to be happy to see him back home.

Jung Woo’s stepmom lectures him about popping out of nowhere, but Jung Woo doesn’t hear a word, as he sees a strange girl standing by herself with the wind blowing her hair into her face.

He’s intrigued momentarily, until his father comes out of prison in a wheelchair. Jung Woo rushes to his side and hops into the ambulance, fighting against the group of reporters.

Soo Yeon raises her head as her mother says that everyone’s over. They can go home now. A body under a white sheet is pushed into an ambulance, and it’s safe to say that Soo Yeon’s dad has been executed for his crime from a year ago.

Inside the ambulance, CEO Han Tae Jun scolds Jung Woo for being in Korea, but Mommy Hwang pretentiously takes Jung Woo’s side. CEO Han stops the ambulance, since he has somewhere to go, as Jung Woo is disappointed by the lack of approval from his father.

The ambulance parks outside of a luxurious house. Kang Hyun Joo, the lady of the house is wailing, saying they can’t take the chairman out like that. A group of medical staff wheel out a man from the house.

The assistant pays off the nurse, saying she’s no longer needed and Hyun Joo threatens CEO Han that if anything happens to the chairman, he’ll be a murderer. He doesn’t give a care, as two dogs are led somewhere.

CEO Han tells her not to mess with him, since he feels like an owner who was bit by his own dogs. He asks where the money went after putting him into jail. Hyun Joo tells him to stop treating her like trash. “I’m the one who gave birth to your father’s son!”

He tells her that’s exactly why she shouldn’t act up against him.

Something clicks inside Hyun Joo’s head and she dashes out of the house to the outdoor playhouse, screaming for Hyung Joon. Instead of Hyung Joon, she’s met with the two dogs, who jump up at her.

The next thing she knows, a dog is lying on the ground after being shot by CEO Han. He demands for his money as Hyun Joo is pulled away.

The assistant goes into the house to realize that Hyung Joon is not in the playhouse. The window is broken, with blood dripping from it.

A little boy limps down the road, with a bloody leg. He looks at a necklace that his mother gave him and continues his way as the dog barks get louder. Then sudden, a hand cups over his mouth.

By a lake, Soo Yeon whispers, “He’s coming. He’s not coming,” as her mother dumps the ashes of her husband. Soo Yeon asks, “Dad’s never coming back again, right? This is really the end right?”

As Soo Yeon’s mom wails in despair at her unfortunate life, Detective Kim looks on with a worried glance.

Soo Yeon and her mother eat a restaurant, as people around all gossip about her father and his crimes. It seems everyone knows the story and looks down upon Soo Yeon and her mother, but her mother yells at Soo Yeon for shying away from the gossipers. After all, it wasn’t Soo Yeon or her mother that killed the people.

That night, Jung Woo has a hard time sleeping and decides to take a walk outside. A creaking noise has him shaken up, but then he realizes it’s from a girl on the swings. He sits on the swings next to her and recognizes her from before.

Jung Woo tries to start a conversation with Soo Yeon, who just stares with a confused expression. He introduces himself and looks at her name tag. But when there’s no response, he asks if she’s mute. She shakes her head no, asking if he doesn’t know who she is even though he lives in the neighborhood.

He doesn’t.
He wonders if he should know her. “Are you a celebrity?”

When Jung Woo’s distracted for a second, Soo Yeon disappears.
Then she hears Jung Woo calling, “Red uniform! That famous kid! Lee Soo Yeon!”

Soo Yeon stops in her tracks and runs back to the playground.
Jung Woo stands at the top of the slide, and asks what her identity is.

Just then it starts to rain and Jung Woo dashes under the slide, as Soo Yeon stands, getting wet in the rain. He tells her come to where he is, but she doesn’t. She excuses herself and runs home.

Once home, Soo Yeon excitedly searches for something, explaining to her sleeping mom that there’s a weird kid outside, who doesn’t call her #27 and actually by her name. “He said his name is Han Jung Woo!”

Then she finds what she was looking for and heads back to the playground with a yellow umbrella.

She offers it to Jung woo, who says Soo Yeon is all wet.
“It’s okay. I’m not afraid of getting wet, because I’m already drenched.”
Jung Woo hesitantly takes the umbrella. He thanks her and says he’ll give it back tomorrow, surprising Soo Yeon.

“You’re going to come back here tomorrow?”
“I have to give you back your umbrella.”

A small smile forms on Soo Yeon’s face momentarily.

On his way home, the umbrella fails him and flips out, making Jung Woo wet in the process.
But he smiles. “I’m really not scared now that I’m all drenched.”

The next day, Soo Yeon excitedly leaves the house, yelling good-bye to her mom, surprising her in the process.

As Soo Yeon heads for the playground, a window shatters behind her.
She peers in to see a small child struggling to get out. When the child sees Soo Yeon, he scrambles back and hides under a blanket in fear.

CEO Han receives news that Hyung Joon is nowhere to be found. He’s also keeping Hyun Joo locked up, until she spills where the money is located.

On his way to return the umbrella, Jung Woo receives news that his grandfather, whom he’s never seen before, has passed away. Jung Woo stands as the main mourner, as Soo Yeon waits and waits at the playground.

“He’ll come. He won’t come,” whispers Soo Yeon.

At the funeral, Mommy Hwang is talking to CEO Han about Hyun Joo and the hidden money. Jung Woo demands to know where his father is and Mommy Hwang reiterates that his father went to jail to protect his money because that’s all he knows.

Jung Woo refuses to hear anything bad about his father, and while he’s at it, he tells Mommy Hwang, telling her not to call herself his mother when his father’s not around. She tells him to go back to America.

Instead of being at the funeral of his own father, CEO Han is still threatening Hyun Joo, who is handcuffed to a bed. She tells him if he wants the money, he has to bring her son back to her.

Hyun Joo cracks a little and reveals that the money wasn’t pulled by her, but by the chairman so that she’ll be able to protect Hyung Joon from CEO Han.

“If something happens to Hyung Joon, you’ll never get the money.”

That last bit clues CEO Han to realize that the money is with the kid.

As CEO Han leaves, the nurse from the chairman’s house enters Hyun Joo’s room and spills yellow liquid on the bed. The nurse asks for privacy to change the patient’s clothes and the guards close the door behind them.

The nurse is Jung Hye Mi, and she has Hyung Joon. Hyun Joo reveals that the chairman has passed away and without that money, CEO Han will kill all three of them. Nurse Hye Mi asks what she needs to do and Hyun Joo says, “Get Han Tae Jun’s son.”

CEO Han returns home and scolds Jung Woo for coming back to Korea without telling anyone. He promises to go back to America, but CEO Han says he doesn’t have to go back to America.

“I’m different from your grandfather. I don’t trust anyone around me. I only believe in you, my son, Han Jung Woo.” He goes onto tell Jung Woo not to do anything disappointing again.

Jung Woo returns to his room and realizes he never went to the playground to return the umbrella.

After being stood up, Soo Yeon returns home. She remembers the kid from before and peers into the broken window, asking if the kid is okay. Suddenly, Nurse Hye Mi pulls Soo Yeon back, telling her to run along. Soo Yeon is reluctant, until she sees Nurse Hye Mi with a bag of medical supplies.

The next day, Detective Kim is arguing with his superior. He wants to reopen up a case because the real criminal has confessed to a crime.

It turns out Soo Yeon’s father really didn’t murder anyone and it was Detective Kim’s mistake, which is why he wants to right the wrongs. But his superior insists that they don’t uncover the case, as it could cause more problems than expected.

As Soo Yeon gets bullied by the other kids on her way to school, Detective Kim, watching from his far, beats himself up in frustration. Being the daughter of a murderer has given Soo Yeon the scarlet letter, even at school.

Jung Woo strolls down the hallways with Soo Yeon’s umbrella, searching for her. None of the students really recognize her by name, but refer to her as #27.

Jung Woo walks by a classroom and sees an entire class standing outside of the room. Only Soo Yeon is inside by herself. The other kids all tell the teacher to kick her out of school, because they don’t want to go to school with a murderer’s daughter.

Upon hearing Soo Yeon’s identity, Jung Woo freezes up in shock.
Soo Yeon finally leaves the classroom on her own accord as the other kids file in. She runs into Jung Woo and starts to talk to him, but Jung Woo freaks out and backs up.

Realizing that Jung Woo is just like any other kid, Soo Yeon walks away.

Classroom gossip informs Jung Woo that Soo Yeon’s dad killed two people and Soo Yeon and her mother had tried to hide dad from getting caught.

During P.E. class, Jung Woo plays a rough game of basketball, pushing the other students down to the ground. Afterwards, three students with a problem punch Jung Woo, telling him to watch out. Jung Woo fights back, but it’s three against one.

Suddenly, several balls interrupt the fight and Soo Yeon, with her long hair covering her face, whispers to Jung Woo to stay still because they won’t hit if he’s boring. She scares the boys away, but Jung Woo gets up from the ground, angry, and challenges the boys again.

Within seconds, Jung Woo’s back on the ground, getting kicked and the image takes Soo Yeon back to when her father did the same thing to her. She starts to cry.

Later, Soo Yeon notices that her yellow umbrella is hung on her locker.
It’s raining again outside and she spots Jung Woo standing at the school entrance.

She hands him her umbrella again, but he doesn’t accept it.
Her eyes well up, and she tells him, “It’s not me. I’m not going to kill anyone.”
She offers the umbrella again, but he backs away into the rain, shaking his head.

He asks why she’s doing this to him.
“I ignored you, so just walk away. I gave your umbrella back. What else do you want?”

Soo Yeon continues crying, but she puts on a sad smile as she still worries about making him get wet in the rain.

“I’m not crying because I’m sad. It’s because of the wind. It’s hurting my eyes.”

She walks past him, umbrella still in hand.

Jung Woo ends up at the playground, replaying all the moments when Soo Yeon cared for him more than her, despite just meeting.

On her way home, she hears Nurse Hye Mi who is struggling with Hyung Joon. When she meets eyes with Soo Yeon, Nurse Hye Mi yells for her to go away.

Soo Yeon’s mom runs into her and snatches the umbrella out of her hand. The umbrella is open, to reveal a tag hanging from the top.

It reads, “This belongs to Lee Soo Yeon, the most famous person in this neighborhood.”

A smile shines on Soo Yeon’s face.

After thinking and contemplating while swinging in the rain, Jung Woo finally decides to find her. He runs through the neighborhood, trying to figure out where she lives.

At home, Soo Yeon writes a letter to Jung Woo, even though she doesn’t plan on sending to him.
“If I wasn’t the daughter of a murderer, would we have been friends?”

She then crosses out ‘murderer’s daughter.’

A loud knock is heard at the door.

Jung Woo’s still roaming around the neighborhood, when he hears a commotion.
A middle aged woman is arguing with Soo Yeon’s mom as Soo Yeon tries to hold her back.
The wife of the man that Soo Yeon’s father killed is back, demanding her husband and son’s lives back.

Soo Yeon’s mom pushes Soo Yeon to the woman, offering her instead.
Soo Yeon turns to the woman and starts begging for forgiveness, saying it’s all her fault.

Jung Woo watches, tears brimming in his eyes. Detective Kim arrives in time to see the unfortunate scene.

Soo Yeon finally looks up to see Jung Woo staring at her.
And in embarrassment mixed in with all sorts of emotions, Soo Yeon gets up and runs away from him, leaving a shoe behind. Jung Woo picks up the shoe and chases after her, calling out her name.

He loses her, but then he hears the creaking of the playground swings. He heads to the playground to see that no one is there.

Then he turns to the slide and sees a foot sticking out from behind.

A smile cracks on his face as he drops the shoe next to Soo Yeon.
“I found you!” says, Jung Woo.

Soo Yeon tries to hide her face.

“Flowered dress,” whispers Jung Woo. “The famous kid.”

Soo Yeon raises her head.

“Lee Soo Yeon.” He calls out and Soo Yeon finally meets eyes with Jung Woo.

“Lee Soo Yeon, the daughter of a murderer. Do you want to be friends with me?”


This was not what we were expecting.
We knew it was going to be a melodrama, but we didn’t expect it to be so….dark….and full of angst….and so many dysfunctional families.

Being the daughter of a murderer and tainted with a scarlet letter is one thing, but Jung Woo also has some pretty bad family issues there.

Think about it.
Yoo Seung Ho is actually the uncle of Park Yoo Chun.
Mind blowing.

We actually had to watch the first episode a couple of times to figure out everything that happened and make sure we didn’t miss any details here and there. (We’re still trying to process everything even after writing this recap)

We’re hoping that it’s only this complicated because the story’s just being set and it’ll get easier to understand and swallow as the series goes on.

But the story has caught our attention. We do want to know what happens with the two (pretty much three, since Hyun Joo doesn’t exactly consider CEO Han family), and more importantly between Jung Woo and Soo Yeon, and how Hyung Joon will fit into this picture.

Soo Yeon deserves some love from someone because of obvious reasons, and Jung Woo needs it too, coming from that psycho family of his.

The scenes, where we were flashed into the future to the adult cast, don’t exactly give good feelings. It seems like everyone just dies and there’s a lot of crying, and blood, and guns….and more angst than we’ve ever had in our lives.

We hope to see some light-hearted happy moments in the next episode to make up for all the depressing factors in this one. Or….is episode one just a preview of what the entire series will be like??

We pray it’s not.


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