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Recap Summary เรื่องย่อ Full House Take 2 Episode 10.1

Full House 2 / Full House Take 2 Episode 10 Part 01:

We open with Tae Ik and his mother returning to the restaurant to find Man Ok and Bum Soo. He’s surprised to see them while Man Ok is happy to see Tae Ik is okay. Meanwhile, poor Kang Hwi is lying morosely on a bed staring at the ceiling recalling what the doctor said. No bright lights. No heavy exertion. Treatment should be started posthaste to try to slow the progress of the degeneration. He also recalls Joon’s words about there not being enough time left and how Joon will help him stand on stage til the end. He gets up and rushes out.

Ming Hwa anxiously calls Joon. How come there’s been no news. Has he found Kang Hwi yet? Joon says that he has and Ming Hwa says she will start preparing then. The two hang up while Joon recalls after the press conference. He vows Tae Ik will not be safe after stabbing him in the back. That’s when he saw Man Ok and Kang Hwi. When one door is closed, another opens. I’m reminded of one saying from a show where one character told another, whenever God closes a door, he opens a window. The other character’s reply? To throw yourself out of. Random, but just what I was reminded of?

The secretary comes and Joon asks if she’s heard from Kang Hwi yet. Nope. Hire someone to find him. No need for that as Kang Hwi has arrived. Joon smiles. This was faster than expected. The secretary is sent out for tea while Kang Hwi sits down and asks why Joon wants him back on stage knowing that he will soon lose all sight. Joon smiles and says because he needs Kang Hwi-nim now (since Tae Ik jumped ship). Kang Hwi says that is just like Joon who replies that Kang Hwi shines the brightest on stage. Joon then says that it’s a shame that Kang Hwi’s eyesight is going, but he should be on stage to the end.

Kang Hwi quickly agrees to come back under the condition that Jang Man Ok remains as his stylist. Joon balks at this. She’s the cause of the whole issue with Tae Ik. If he can’t do this, then Kang Hwi won’t do anything. Joon’s smile goes away and says he’ll think about it. Does Kang Hwi happen to like her? Kang Hwi quickly gets up and refuses to answer. Joon better think quickly since there is so little time left. He leaves and Joon laughs and yells “done!” He then looks at where Kang Hwi had been sitting and his face gets a very serious expression. This character always makes me wonder just what is really going through his head.

Back at the house, Kang Hwi is still in the basement. He’s cuddling with Chaton and trying to call Man Ok, which he can’t reach since she’s in Japan. He sighs and asks the kitty where his mother went. Is she upstairs? He goes to her room, but no one is there. He sits on her bed and looks around. Something catches his eyes. It’s the sketch that Man Ok drew of Tae Ik for the t-shirt. He then recalls Man Ok’s worry about Tae Ik at the conference. He puts down the sketchbook and covers it with something else. He then goes down to the kitchen where he keeps turning the lights on and off.

In Japan, Aunt Lee thanks Bum Soo and Man Ok for helping out. Tae Ik asks where his mother is and Aunt Lee replies Mina is resting as she was tired. Tae Ik then demands to know why the two of them are in Japan. Bum Soo said he came to look for Tae Ik. Does he know how hard they looked for him? Let’s take a break for a few days and go back. Tae Ik refuses this and tells them to be on the first flight back to Korea at 9 the next morning. Man Ok tells him not to be like that. When he gets up to leave, she declares she won’t leave if he won’t. This surprises Bum Soo and Tae Ik. Both look at her in surprise. Man Ok says she’ll be under Aunt Lee’s care for a few days. Bum Soo quickly says the same and Aunt Lee and Tae Ik look totally shocked.

That night, Tae Ik recalls Man Ok’s arrival and the gaggle of girls who surrounded him earlier. What’s going through his head? Meanwhile, Go Dong rushes to Full House and wakes Kang Hwi up. Why didn’t Kang Hwi tell him he was back? Kang Hwi asks the time and then asks why Go Dong is here at dawn. Didn’t Joon tell Kang Hwi he was going to Japan today? Uh-oh. This can’t be good. It’s for the film festival that Se Ryeong is going to as well. Kang Hwi then asks where Man Ok is. Go dong reveals he can’t get in touch with either Man Ok or Bum Soo who went frantically searching for Tae Ik.

In Japan, Man Ok comes back from jogging and sees Tae Ik getting into his car and leaving. She quickly gets on a bike and follows him. A bike? How can she keep up enough with his car not to lose him? She follows him to a ferry and searches it all over to find him Where did he go? She finally sees him on the top deck and gives a brilliant smile. She goes up to him, but it’s not Tae Ik, but a Japanese with a similar hairstyle. Embarrassing. She heads down to the car park on the ferry to look once more. There is Tae Ik sitting in his car with his eyes closed. She hits the window until he rolls it down and then she jumps out at him. Tae Ik is startled and yells what’s going on while Man Ok scolds him as she was looking all over for him.

Man Ok gets in and asks if he had been in the car the entire time. How did she follow him? Man Ok doesn’t answer this and says that ever since she saw him leaving like a stray cat with a bag she’s been looking for him. Tae Ik then warns her that if she doesn’t get out now, he’ll drop her off in the middle of a road. He opens the door and tells her to find her way home well. Man Ok scolds him for trying to be so cheap. He’s trying to go somewhere good by himself isn’t he? Take her, too, and let her sightsee since this is her very first time in Japan. This shocks Tae Ik. Sightsee? Man Ok smiles and vows to buy him something delicious as repayment.

Tae Ik storms out of the car and Man Ok gets out as well. Is he really just going to abandon the car? Abandon? Does she know how expensive this car is? There’s no way he can abandon it. She’s going to have to drive since he’s tired. Omo. This is her first time in Japan and you’re making her drive? Man Ok glares at him and calls him a rude b*stard as he gets in the passenger’s seat. 

Man Ok is just like a little kid and Tae Ik enjoys watching her. He goes up to the tree where she is looking at charms hanging. He comes over and with a straight, serious face, tells her he loves her and asks her to stay by his side forever. Man Ok gets a little uncomfortable and goes to say something, but Tae Ik tells her to stop and stand still. He comes in closer and closer and then asks Man Ok why her face is red and she’s closing her eyes. Man Ok looks at him in surprise. Man Ok stutters and Tae ik says he was just reading the shell in front of her. Since it’s in Japanese, it’s not like Man Ok can confirm that or not. She gets angry at him for teasing her. He plays all innocent saying he was just reading it. LOL. TEASE!!!! Confess for real already.

Man Ok angrily grabs Tae Ik and tells him to follow her. She then takes him to a store and picks out a shell. She hands it to him and tells him to buy it for her as retribution. Tae Ik refuses as he doesn’t waste money on frivolities like that. Writing your wish on a shell and hanging it on a tree is all a lie. Hearing this, Man Ok wants to do it even more. Tae Ik goes to leave, but Man Ok says she has no money and if he doesn’t buy it for her, she’ll give him a hard time. Tae Ik looks back and tells her to try it. Man Ok then vows to sit in the middle of the store and cry her eyes out. Tae Ik doesn’t believe her until she really does sit in the middle of the floor. He quickly tells her to get up and she happily pops up and hands the shell to the cashier and asks Tae Ik to translate she wants to buy that. Tae Ik reluctantly does and hands over the money.

Back at the tree, Man Ok is hanging her wish. Tae Ik comes over with a smile which fades as he sees Man Ok’s shell just says “Growth.” What a waste of money. She then calls him the King of Petty. How much is the shell? She’ll pay him double the amount back in Korea. Tae Ik tells her it’s $11,000 won. What? That expensive? Why did he buy it? Wasn’t she the one who threatened him that she’d cry if he didn’t? LOL. Man Ok’s going to feel guilty now. But still, if it was that expensive he should have said something. Man Ok then wonders if they collect seashells and sell them there, wouldn’t they make a lot of money? Tae Ik turns and leaves and Man Ok calls out to him to wait for her. She then says the expensive seashell makes her feel her wish of growth will come true. They should have bought him one. Tae Ik says that’s okay as he doesn’t do such things, but that’s a lie. He secretly bought a shell which says he wishes he could protect those he loves (his mommy, Man Ok, Kang Hwi).
They continue on with their sightseeing and Man Ok catches sight of a play. She and Tae Ik go over and sit down. She thinks it’s cool as its her first time there seeing such a thing. The man next to them (speaking in Japanese so Man Ok doesn’t understand) asks if they are tourists. Tae Ik replies they are and Man Ok parrots him. Then the man asks if they are on their honeymoon. Man Ok happily smiles and keeps saying yes. Snort. Ahhh, what did she think he asked? This makes Tae Ik pause and look at her. Is she saying that because she knows what the man has said? Nope, she’s only doing that because the man is smiling? WHAT kind of reasoning is that? Heck, that’s what gets Song Yuri’s character in trouble in A Prince’s First Love as she agrees to something in Japanese that she doesn’t understand and it involves sleeping with the male lead.

Anywho, the nice Japanese man then points to a temple behind them and says if they both wish for love, it will come true. Man Ok smiles and says “yes” again while Tae Ik has a serious expression. He walks alone to the temple and closes his eyes. Man Ok follows behind him and wonders what he’s doing. So cute. As they continue to walk, Man Ok says it feels like a shoot where the couple lost their way. Be honest, Tae Ik did lose his way, didn’t he? Tae Ik says he didn’t, but Man Ok doesn’t believe him. He then stops. He ahs something to ask her. What? Why did she come all that way to find him. Man Ok can’t answer 100% honestly and says what would she do if he complains he became like this because of her? Tae Ik says it’s not her fault so she needn’t worry. Man Ok smiles and says of course, why would he think about someone like her? Don’t be so down on yourself girl!

Tae Ik’s immediate response is to look at her and demand to know what’s supposed so wrong with her. This shocks Man Ok. Huh? Is that really the only reason she came? Man Ok can’t tell him the real reason and says of course that’s the only reason. Tae Ik unhappily walks away all depressed. Can’t he tell Man Ok isn’t being truthful at all? Man Ok rushes after him all flustered by the question.

In the car, Man Ok is sleeping when Tae Ik becomes fascinated by her lips. He leans in for a kiss as if he’s magnetized by them when Man Ok opens her eyes and jumps, startled. Just what does he think he’s doing coming that close to her face? What do you think? Tae Ik snaps back to his side of the car and quickly covers his mouth and gags. What’s wrong? He thinks he’s car sick and gags again. Is this all faked? Man Ok quickly looks around for something and then tells him to quickly get up and out.

They stand on the deck and Tae Ik says that he’s feeling slightly better. Man Ok then exclaims over the beauty of the view. Tae Ik replies it’s only black for him. Man Ok turns and says this is because he’s wearing sunglasses. I don’t think that’s what he meant at all. Man Ok tells him that there isn’t many people, so he can take his sunglasses off. Tae Ik refuses so she snatches them off and tells him to look at how beautiful everything is. He turns to her and demands to know if that’s really the only reason she came. Man Ok’s voice softens. Then what about him? Why did he give up Full House? Tae Ik just kisses her as his response.

Hwang Jung Eum, Noh Min WooHwang Jung Eum, Noh Min Woo

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