Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 5 Coolest Korean Drama Heroines

5. Go Mi Nam/Mi Nyu (You're Beautiful)

At first glance, she is a naive and clueless girl training to be a sister. But her world turns upside down when she has to pretend to be a rock star in her identical twin brother's place. That means this innocent girl has to cut her hair short, pretend to be her brother and survive in the same house with three other males- who are all vying for her affection. So, she is one cool girl who not only makes every one around her fall in love with her, but even we can't help adoring her for who she is. She is portrayed excellently by
Park Shin Hye.


4. Go Hye Mi
(Dream High)

The main reason I was hooked onto this drama was because of Go Hye Mi's character. I always love bad girls with an attitude. She has a lot of negative traits in the beginning- being bad-mouthed, vain and insensitive. However, as time passes by we get to see her soft side and how she changes to somebody who cares about other people. She learns from her mistakes and realizes that others aren't inferior to her. Also, she is adorable when she falls for both guys (at different times). Each guy brings out a different side to her. At But most of all, she ends up forming deep bonds with almost every person she despises in the beginning. She has her adorable moments as well. She is portrayed by the pretty
Bae Suzy.


3. Geum Jan Di (Boys Before Flowers)

Is there anyone out there who saw Boys Before Flowers and didn't find Jan Di cool? I mean, she is awesome. She is bullied to extreme levels and is a target for every one in the school- including the great F4. But she is one tough nut to crack. She has her high and low points, but it is hard to completely break Jan Di. She isn't afraid of anyone and also cares about the people in need. She can kick your ass (literally) and also be a shoulder for you to cry on. Even if she is in the wrong place at the wrong time, she always has someone to help her (
I really need that luck of hers!). I would seriously love to meet the girl who completely changed a jerk like Gu Jun Pyo and became a great friend to the mighty F4. Plus she gets to romance an actor as hot as Lee Min Ho! I rather enjoyed Koo Hye Sun's acting.


2. Shin Ji Hyun
(49 Days)

When we are introduced to Shin Ji Hyun, she comes off as a cry baby who's been pampered by every person in her in life. Then she meets with an accident and her spirit wanders around in confusion. She slowly begins to realize that after she is 'gone', that the people who seemed to love her weren't sincere or honest. She undergoes the betrayals of her best friend and her fiancee . Then she is told that if she wants to survive, she will have to collect the tears of three people who truly love her within 49 Days, else she dies. She starts possessing Song Yi Kyung's body during the day and begins her quest. Her character development is beyond amazing and slowly, she begins to question every thing and every one around her. I feel bad for this girl as well as get awed at her fighting spirit.


1. Kim Yoon Shik/ Yoon Hee (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

Last but not the least, is Kim Yoon Hee from Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She is my all-time favourite character from that of Korean dramas. I absolutely adore this girl. Not only is she super smart, she is also brave and fierce. She goes to an all-male university dressed as a guy in order to study well and earn money for her debt-ridden family. During the Joseon era, a girl found in the disguise of a guy could have meant instant execution but she still dares to make it in spite of constant danger. She has to share a room with two guys and in turn the results are hilarious. She impresses her teachers, beats her classmates with her intellect and even learns archery to prove herself as a strong 'male'. The funniest parts are that she turns our upright and disciplined hero into a frustrated homosexual. I think she is a good inspiration for any and every girl. To top that, she is played by one of my favourite actresses
Park Min Young who looks stunning- be it as a girl or a guy.


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