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Summary Recap เรื่องย่อ Watch Faith Ep 18 [Korea Tv Drama Series]

Watch Faith Ep 18
Watch Faith Eng Sub ep 17

Watch Faith ซับไทย ตอนที่ 17

Summary Recap เรื่องย่อ Watch The Great Doctor a.k.a Faith Ep 18 [Korea Tv Drama Series]
CY says this marriage is canceled. DH orders "He despised my fianace. Get him in to jail." But no one can stop CY and GC also advice DH to be patient before bad words spread.
In the meanwhile, HSI and CEJ try to kill GM and NK finding them. CY asks a favor to military which he persuaded to stand on GM's side. He asks to protect GM cuz he's in danger.

While GM's going to palace, thieves catch up GM. But actually they're GC and DH's soldier which disguised in thieves.

GC required to give ES to go to heaven's door together. He insists he's bring her.

DH says to ES "I dont' understand. We could be a good team. Let's kill CY and be a partner together." While he's talking, ES threatens him with knife. DH says CY ran away. He suggest to run away to CY and hide for a month from GC. ES says yes. But as he leaves, he uses poison to ES and says "you need to come to me to survive whenever I need you."
GM asks if the remaning military behind him is okay. He says "I remember all the people who protected me. We stayed all together. CY cared of him so much. He'd feel sad if someone die." Second head soldier says"We need to use last decision. Change the clothe with your servant." DH says he can't do that. Then the soldier says "I won't let you. This is order from CY."

CY is persuading other military. "This is paper from king. He says upgrade you. The guys caught by me disobeyed king. Are you gonna take GM's order and be faithful to him or disobey him?"

While GM is runnig, militry which CY sent comes to guide GM.

CY hear that ES ranaway from DH and came to him. CY asks "What happened? What deal did you do again?" ES says "I just asked for letting me go. Just say me 'welcome'. I know you're busy protecting GM. Go and see later."

GC asks "Aren't they King and Queen?" HSI says "They were not. They were soldiers cuz their hands were quiet tough," CEJ asks "Are you really going to heaven?" GC says "Definitely. Don't you wonder about it? I think I need about 12 people who will go with me."

While DH goes, CY appears and says "GM ordered to get him in jail for the crime which disobeyed King.

Finally GM and NK came in palace, and he says sorry to CY.

Second head soldeir reports that 24 people died in the process of guiding GM and NK. CY reminds of the moment when he said to a servant 'I will say this to you for situation that you die because of me. Sorry.'

ES is talking to JB about the poison which she was infected. JB says it would take a month to spread in her body and he will find out antidote.

GM says "The soldeirs who died to protect me..I need to do sth for them. Let's go." CY says "It's my fault. I couldn't see the situation well, so you had to be out of palace and my servants died. Oneday you asked me wat is priority. Always ES was first for me. So It's hard for you to have me as your guidance. Let me go." GM says "Tomorrow morning, come to me. I'm gonna decide what do I have to do to DH and GC. Talk later."

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