Tuesday, October 16, 2012

iPartment Season 1,2, 3 / 爱情公寓 / Ai Qing Gong Yu (Mainland Chinese Tv Drama Series)

Title: 爱情公寓 / Ai Qing Gong Yu
Also known as: iPartment
Genre: Sitcom, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: Jiangxi TV
Broadcast period: 2009-Aug-05
Air time: 19:35

  • Zhao Ji as Lin Wan Yu
  • Sun Yi Zhou as Lu Zi Qiao
  • Wang Chuan Jun as Guan Gu Shen Qi
  • Li Jin Ming as Chen Mei Jia
  • Chen He as Ceng Xiao Xian
  • Jin Shi Jia as Lu Zhan Bo
  • Lou Yi Xiao as Hu Yi Fei

Four guys, three girls, one apartment. iPartment is 45 min long sitcom and China's answer to Friends. Fast talking, packed with jokes, and brimming with historical and pop-culture references, iPartment chronicles the sometimes funny, sometimes bizarre, sometimes romantic, and sometimes touching antics and adventures of the Love Apartment residents. 

Shanghai is a big city, but they lived in the same building, in two different apartments. He went left, she went right. They never met. Until a coincidental chance allowed them to get to know each other and eventually walk down the red carpet of happiness to wedded bliss. 

Touched by their love story, the building owner gives Tie Zhu and Er Niu two presents on their wedding day. This first is to rename the building to "Love Apartment" in their honor. The second is to give all couples in love living in the apartment free water and electricity and 50% off rent. Wedding crashers Lu Zi Qiao and Chen Mei Jia nearly die from delight at this announcement. Despite the fact that they know and hate each other, Zi Qiao and Mei Jia can't resist what is on a silver platter in front of them. Making a huge scene, they profess their love for each other and move into Love Apartment. But keeping the con going proves harder than they anticipated with the rest of the nosy and crazy residents of Love Apartment. 


iPartment Season 3 Eps 19-24 FINAL 540p
iPartment Season 3 Eps 11-17 720p
iPartment Season 3 Eps 07-10 720p
iPartment Season 3 Eps 03-12 540p
iPartment Season 2 Eps 11-20 FINAL 540p
iPartment Season 2 Eps 1-10 540p
iPartment 1 Season 1 Eps 1-20 Complete

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