Friday, October 5, 2012

DJ DOC to star in "Ooh La La Couple" as cameo

Singer DJ DOC is making surprise appearance in the KBS drama "Ooh La La Couple".
Contents K explained that Kim will take on the role of Na Yeong-ok's (Kim Jeong-eun) meanie sister-in-law Ko Il-lan's (Hyeon Junie) blind date. He will appear on the fourth episode on the 4th. Kim entertained those at the set with his fun character. He has so far appeared in many dramas as a cameo such as "The Slave Hunters" in KBS. DJ DOC wished for the drama's best with Kim Jeong-eun and Choi Seong-gook.
Nam Gyoo-ri, Nam Hee-seok, Kim Byeong-man, Yoo Jin and others have already appeared as cameos and added fun to it.

"Ooh La La Couple" is about a couple who sign their divorce papers but go through the experience of having their soul's change. It ranked first place on the second episode.

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