Monday, October 15, 2012

Daniel Henney to appear in American drama "Hawaii Five-O"

Actor Daniel Henney is starring in an American drama called "Hawaii Five-O" as a special appearance.

"Hawaii Five-O" is a blockbuster action drama in which the characters fight against crime and gangsters and Korean-American actors and actresses Daniel Kim, Grace Park and Will Yoon Lee star in it.

Daniel Henney is going to take on the role of Adam's brother Michael who is released from prison after 15 years. He is a mysterious character who has the key to a case and it's a character that wasn't in Daniel Henney's filmography yet.

Despite the fact that it was a short appearance, apparently he left a strong impression. It was especially a contrast to his recent movie "Shanghai Calling" in which he was a sentimental gentleman.

This special appearance in the American drama was adjusted for Daniel Henney and a lot of consideration was shown for him. It seems that the production team offered him another appearance in a future episode and acknowledged his passion for acting a new character despite the time of appearance.

Meanwhile, Daniel Henney starred in a Hollywood movie called "The Last Stand" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and is going to be released at the start of next year.

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