Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Synopsis เรื่องย่อ Still Cut - Drama Special [Korean Drama]

  • Nam Goong-min 남궁민 As Kim Hyeon-soo (김현수) 
  • Sim I-yeong 심이영 As Choi Mi-jin (최미진) 
  • Park Hyeok-kwon 박혁권As Joo Seong-tae (주성태) 
  • Nam Myeong-ryeol 남명렬As Professor Choi (최교수) 
  • Park Bo-geom 박보검 As Young Hyeon-soo (어린 현수) 
Synopsis Drama Special - Still Cut (드라마 스페셜 - 스틸사진) Korean - Drama
Our hopes and dreams when we were young.

Are they just dreams like stills now?

Hyun-soo has been a part-time instructor for ten years in jerkwater colleges. The one and only dream of this guy who once dreamt of becoming a passionate media reporter is now at his mother school's full-timer. However, it seems forever difficult to become one. He doesn't even have the financial ability to stand in the right line. Ten years into the marriage, his wife is just family. Then he meets Eun-soo for the first time in twenty years. She was the one who taught him media pictures and his first love. He flutters because of her for the first time in a long time. However, he hears from a senior of his that she is a strong competitor for the position he's been targeting for a long time.


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