Monday, August 20, 2012

Synopsis เรื่องย่อ PM10-AM03 [Taiwanese Drama]

  • Fabien Yang
  • Mandy Wei
  • Hsiu Chieh-Kai
  • Candice Liu
  • Jenna Wang
  • Angus Guo
  • Wang Dao
  • Sara Yu
  • Wanyne Huang
  • Da Fei

Synopsis เรื่องย่อ PM10-AM03 [Taiwanese Drama]
In Taipei, as long as the atmosphere, can do anything. Any distance will cease to exist, whether it is day or night, single or married, rich or poor … in the atmosphere on time, be able to hit it off, warm the intersection …

Wild-mode? The word “wild die”, derived from the “wild dogs”. Wild dogs “do not belong to any person, the stray dogs on the outside of self-reliance. Wild-mode, is not subordinate to any brokerage firm, received notice stray mold.

Rich? The so-called “lucky sperm” in life really do like their own pleasure? Gold spoon origin of them, in fact, unhappy, limited, unsuccessful. 

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