Friday, August 17, 2012

Synopsis เรื่องย่อ My Secret Garden Season 1 [Taiwanese Drama]

Title: 我的秘密花園 / Wo De Mi Mi Hua Yuan / My Secret Garden
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network:
Broadcast year:
  • Ariel Lin as Fan Xiao Min
  • Zhang Tian Lin as Huang Yao Hui
  • Cheryl Yang as Cheng En En
  • Liang You Lin as Lin Wen Jing
  • Li Hou Hao as He Zhi Ming
  • Li Yue as Gao Ying We

Synopsis เรื่องย่อ My Secret Garden Season 1 [Taiwanese Drama] Eighteen years old, Xiao Min is a new college student who loves to dream up of strange and unusual illusions. Going to Taipei to study, Xiao Min can finally escape from the high school uniform and move away from her mother's control. Her biggest wish right now is: To have lots of cute/handsome guys surrounding her, everybody treat her nicely, and chase after her! Xiao Min's dream seems to be courageous and romantic, but the lively and cute Xiao Min, is just a young girl who has never experienced a taste love or had a boyfriend before.

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