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Summary Recap เรื่องย่อ Arang and The Magistrate Ep 3 [Korea Drama]

Summary Recap เรื่องย่อ Arang and The Magistrate Ep 3 [Korea Drama]

Arang kissed to Eun-Oh! OHHHH BUT It was Eun-Oh's dream!lol
- Eun-Oh : Ohhhh I'll be crazy !!
Eun-Oh gives a letter to Dol-swe
- Eun-Oh : Give it to Joo-Wal.
Oh Bang-wool(shaman) finished to make Arang's new dress.
Arang looks really happy XD
Eun-Oh waits for Arang outside of Bang-wool's room.
- Eun-Oh : Why is she so late?
- Bang-wool : It's the woman.
Then, Arang comes out from the room.
She is soooo lovely and so pretty! Eun-Oh is surprised!
- Arang : What do you think? Am I look pretty?
- Eun-Oh : Well..Your disheveled hair becomes well groomed.. That's it ! I have something to do. Stay here and I'll be back.
Bangwool wants to meet a general ghost. She thinks that Arang bother her a lot.
- Bangwool : Please go away!
Arang feels sorry to Bangwool so she decides to go somewhere.
> Arang enters a house and meets bad ghosts.
Arang resists a lot but they hit Arang :-( Then, Eun-Oh appears and helps her! He's so good at martial arts! Amazing!
But Arang's new dress gets dirty and she is so upset.
>They planned to meet Joo-Wal but it rains a lot so they can't mee him.
OH! Because of rain, Arang's dead body comes out!!!!!!!!!!
> Eun-Oh & Arang go to the place and Joo-Wal is also there.
They find Arang's dead body after 3 years she dead but she didn't rot at all !!
>Joo-Wal's father orders to bring Arang's dead body. But Eun-Oh doesn't accept it.
- Joo-Wal's person : Who are you?
- Eun-Oh : Me? I'm magistrate.
> Oh ! The confrontation between Eun-Oh and Joo-Wal !
- Eun-Oh : It's obvious that she was unjustly accused. I think you also wanted to reveal it. No?
- Joo-Wal : We just don't want to be the talk of the town. In fact, I don't know much about her. Even though she was my fiance, I saw her once and I don't have any feeling to her.
- Eun-Oh : ...
- Joo-Wal : I'll get even with you for this, just you wait.
> So sad.. Arang sees her dead body. She gets shocked...
Arang runs out of the place.
- Arang : Jade Emperor.. You're so mean ! What did I do? Why do I have to die?? Did I do something wrong?
> Eun-Oh brings Arang's dead body to the government office.
Arang sees her dead body again.
- Arang : I look like this.. I was pretty.. Wait.. I will work hard to clear your of false accusation.
> Oh! Arang goes to Bang-Wool(Shaman) .
- Arang : Help me and I'll not bother you anymore.
> Eun-Oh goes out to find Arang.

[Joo-Wal's house]
- Joo-Wal's father : Don't damage our reputation. You couldn't bring Arang's dead body. I'll show you how to work. It's the last time.
> Arang and Bang-Wool's go somewhere.
Arang wounds Bang-Wool. Then, head ghost reaper comes to the place.
- Arang : I want to meet Jade Emperor.
- head ghost reaper : You can't.
- Arang : No, I'll meet the old man!!
- Oh! "The old man" was the code .Then, Bang-wool opens a door. If they are sucked into the moon, they'll be lose all.
After long fight, finally, the head ghost reaper decides to help Arang to meet the Jade Emperor.
- the head ghost reaper : But It's the last time!
Still, Eun-Oh searches Arang everywhere..
- Eun-Oh : amnesiac, where are you???

Credit: Lavieenrose

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