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Summary เรื่องย่อ Arang and The Magistrate Ep 2 [Korea Drama]

Summary เรื่องย่อ Arang and The Magistrate  Ep 2 [Korea Drama] 
>Eun-Oh sets Arang on his horse. Moo-Young chases them but Arang scatters peach blossoms. Eun-Oh sees Arang's binyeo(hairpin) and he is pretty sure that It's his mother's.
>Eun-Oh thinks that if he helps Arang, he can find the clue to find his mother. So he decides to help her.

> Mo-Young said sorry to Jade Emperor because he missed them.
Jade Emperor : It's okay. There is a connection, so she will come here by herself.
> Eun-Oh decides to be a magistrate. So he comes back to the government office.
> After coming back to the government office, Eun-Oh buried himself in his drawing. (He draws Arang's face) but

>Omg.... Eun-Oh tries to find the clue but Arang doesn't know even the place she dead.
Arang : But I know 2 things.
Eun-Oh : What are they?

Arang : First, I wander aimlessly from place to place for 3years..
Eun-Oh : -_- that's not important...
Arang : And.. sometimes, I have a stomachache.. Oh! Am I stabbed to death?
Eun-Oh : What? Why do you say it now??
Arang : You said , if you draw the portrait, you can find the clue!
> Eun-Oh orders to people.
Eun-Oh : Bring every cases of murders of last 3 years.
However he fails to find the clue.

> At night, he gets around in the office. He finds one empty room. It is empty but almost everything remains intact.

> He meets one woman in front of the room.
The woman : It's the room of last magistrate's daughter.
Eun-Oh : What's the story?

The woman : Her name is
Lee Seolin. She was disappeared for 3 years.
Eun-Oh : ..!! (Oh I found her)
> Arang gets fight with other ghosts to eat food.( a bit of food on the ground to propitiate the ghosts). But fails. ㅠㅠ

> Eun-oh asks about the daughter of the last magistrate to people. They said, she was really shy and hided her face so even they couldn't see her face. But she ran away with the man of humble condition. The thing is she had a fiance.
> But still, Arang can't remember her past.

- Arang : I want to meet the fiance. I want to ask whom I was.
At first, Eun-Oh refuses to help her but finally, he decides to help her more.
> Next morning, they goes to fiance's house. But when Arang see the fiance, suddenly, her heart beats. It's so weird! She's a ghost. So her heart can't beat!!

> She refuses to meet her fiance now. Arang and Eun-Oh goes to
Arang : Even though he can't see me, I want to show my beautiful figure... But I have only one clothes and I weard it for 3 years. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Eun-Oh : -_- So what ? Anyway, he can't see you!!

Arang : You don't know a woman's heart ! I will ask to make clothes to shaman!
> Arang's fiance, Joo-Wal has a secret. We don't know what it is. He goes to a gisaeng house. But soon, he becomes disillusioned and get out of the house. One gisaeng tries to catch him. And !!!! He almost stab her with a knife ! omg !!
Joo-Wal : Don't say anything to others.

> Arang was drunk so Eun-Oh carrys her on his back. They goes to Shaman's house. Shaman gets shocked because she can't see Arang but Eun-Oh
To make a clothes, Eun-Oh takes Arang's measurements. (Because Shaman can's see her.) They feel strange..kkk

Credit: Lavieenrose

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