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Summary เรื่องย่อ Arang and The Magistrate Ep 1 [Korea Drama]

Summary เรื่องย่อ Arang and The Magistrate  Ep 1 [Korea Drama] 

eunho's mom: i told you umpteen times not to come here
eunho: i dont want to live with father. if i live with him, do i become aristocrat?? i am sick of this!!

oh my god!!! jun ki!!! painful!!!!
eunho's mom: forget about me

she's stripping infront of him!!! thinking that he cant see her!!
thought to her self - i thought spirits will not get wet
arang: can you see me??? dont tell me you can see me??
arang: what are you doing in the woods at this time??
eunho thought to himself: stop talk to meeeee, i cant hear or see you !!!!!.........
arang recollects her dream.....
arang: something is matter how i think, i cant remember my name and how i died...who am i exactly!! can i ask u for a favour??
eunho pretends to go to sleeep... ahahahaha
arang: listen to my not done yet
i think this must be it... the other world is not happy with so it is punishing me..hmmph~~~
eunho thought to himself what a mad ghost!!! go somewhere else!!!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh GOOOOOD NIGHT EUNHO~~~~
eunho: GOO SOMEWHERE ELSE and SLEEEEEEEEPPPP!!! hahahhaahhaha pretends to push her hand away~~~

WAKES up to a new day....
OHHH where did she go???
he must be thinking it was a bad dream~~
Eunho: HEY WAKE UP~~~let's go~~
servant: wahh weather's good!!!
dol soe: there's no magistrate in this area so he is the "king" in this area
eunho: if i see fire, i will ....

dol soe: will not do anything...?? of cause i know
eunho: u go ahead first
dol why???
eunho: why are you all following me??
spirits: because you can see us, please help us to investigate....
the nobleman probably caused the death of that family
arang: soooo, u can see me....u r gonna get it for lying to me!!
eunho appears to be looking for his mummy??
arang: OHHH, you are holding to me???
you are looking for someone?? is it a woman??
eunho stares...
arang: are you just gonna go?? why did you pretend not to see me
eunho: get lost!!
arang: how to get lost!?!? we slept together yesterday~~
eunho: what!@#@!#$!@ since when!!
eunho: don't repeat what you have already said!
arang: ohh so u heard me yesterday!!
eunho takes out red bean from his pockets
apparently in Korea, spirits are scared of red beans
OHHHHH hahaha just a scare~~~
eunho: i am not a magistrate
arang: so if you become a magistrate, you will help me?
aunho: ok i will help u if i become one
arang: you better keep your promise
joo wal's father: we should have finished that man off. your compassion is gonna bring us trouble

joo wal: if we dont find
joo wal's father: haughty fellow
bang wool: ohhhhh i can see..... your... is in the well
woman: ahhhhh...poor thing....
bang wool: i need more moeny to see better...
woman: money.....give me back my money. if you appear infront of me again!
arang: over here.... long time no see. your powers are still the same?? how are you gonna keep doing this?? i need your help
bang wool: what again.....

the three men seems to complaining why is that there's no magistrate in this area!!??
man A: be careful of what you say, walls hav ears~~~
bang wool seems to have suggested to them she has an ideal candidate for the magistrate
AHAHAHAHA they are here to kidnap him!!!
what a way to get a magistrate!!
Eunho wakes up to 

Man shouts " Magistrate, welcome to your new residence"
Eunho: What!??!
the three men
Eunho: what are you guys doing!! let me go!!! i am not a magistrate!!
Eunho calls out to eh laughing sound "come out!!!"
Says to Arang: come down properly!! unless you want me to pull out your hair
arang: are you going to throw red beans at me again?
eunho: no.....
Arang: You must keep your promise.
Eunho: What promise??

Arang: you said that if you become a magistrate, you will help me to investigate
Eunho: Do you need to kill all the magistrate jsut to get them to help you?
Arang: No, I just want them to help me but they are all scared of me because i am a ghost
Arang: The first magistrate died because he has a weak heart
2nd one also died while only seeing my upper body
3rd one has a strong heart however... he also died upon seeing only my legs........ T.T
what do you expect me to do...
i thought you lost your mum... i am the same too.. i lost my arents... i wanna say bye properly before leaving... please help me
get lost

eunho: dont even know your own name you say you wanna find your parents. get lost while i am still nice
arang: baddie!!

ladies - it's gonna be full moon, bad things always happen during the full moon
hahahaha the three men bring in the coffin thinking that Eunho has died just like the other magistrates in the past
OH MY GOOOOOD how could you be alive!?!? Are you a spirit!!
Dol soe runs through the market thinking that his master has died!! hahahahaah
Dol soe: how dare you kidnap my master!!
Eunho: they wanna make me the magistrate
Arang: no matter how i try, he doesnt seem to be moved!!
Arang suggested to Bang wool to steal!!! with her help
Bang wool drops the stolen goods upon seeing the police~~

Arang must not hurt human if not she will be punished.
Eunho hears of this from the spirts in the background
Sprits: Run!!! the ghost exterminators are coming!!!
there they are!!! run!!!!!

Dol soe: why?? are you gonna watch some more
Arang's hairpin must be linked to Eunho's mummy!!
Eunho's so MACHO!!!!

Credit: kittylove

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