Monday, August 6, 2012

Modern People / Mo Deng Xin Ren Lei [Eng Sub] [Taiwanese Drama]

  • Hu Ge as Xie Fei Fan
  • Ivy Chen as Xia Hong Guo
  • Bo-Lin Chen as Ling Le
  • Jiang Chao as Hua Tsai
  • Ma Si Chun (马思纯) as Wen Xue
  • Guo Dong Dong as Qin Tian
  • Yang Zi Tong as Ye Sha Sha
  • Li Yuan (李媛) as Shen Qian

Synopsis Mo Deng Xin Ren Lei / Modern People / 摩登新人类
A modern inspirational drama based on the fashion industry, Modern People tells of eight young adults and their experiences with love in the workplace. Their stories get intertwined, and love triangles form as they face difficulties on the way of pursuing their dreams.  

Modern People 摩登新人类 [Eng Sub] [Taiwanese Drama]

Credit: Zinvi

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