Thursday, August 30, 2012

I, My Brother [Eng Sub] [Taiwanese Drama Tv Series]

Episodes: 13
Director: Yu Zhong Zhong

Genre: Family, Romance

Filming Location: Taiwan's GaoXiong & Taipei

Filming Period: June 13, 2010 - middle of September 2010 [Done filming already]

Broadcast Network: PTS

Broadcast Period: January 8, 2010 [Malaysia; Confirmed]


  • Gui Gui {鬼鬼} - as Lu Wei Wei
  • Jack Tan {陈泽耀} - as Da Hui
  • Thomas Guo {郭晓东} - as Da En
  • George Hu {胡宇崴} - as Dennis
  • Amanda Zhou {周晓涵} - as Tiffany
  • Winnie Zhong {鍾欣怡} - as Jessica
  • Jason Zou {邹承恩} - as Xie Jia Hao
  • Ying Cai Ling {應采靈}
  • Na Wei Xin {那维宰}
  • Xie Li Jin {谢丽金}
  • Ye Min Zhi {葉民志}
  • Chen Shu Fang {陳淑芳}
  • Landy Wen {溫嵐}

Synopsis  I, My Brother

Me & My Brother tells about a simple town's 19year-old youth Da Hui (Jack) facing a poor childhood and maturing early together with a 20 year old with an IQ of a 10 year old, older brother Da En (Thomas). They lose both of their parents and depend on their grandmother since at a very young age. He and his childhood friend, Lu Wei Wei (GuiGui) had a relationship of simple love, but fate had them break up and have regrets.

 I, My Brother [Eng Sub] [Taiwanese Drama Tv Series] 

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