Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Watch Big Ep 16 Ending [Korean Drama]

AK is pregy already.. and together with the other teacher

DR looking at a sunflower while smiling

CS being matured and cooking.

CS was still loyal to MR and was about to give her food

MR went back and is with CS

MR and CS will have a photo together

DR went back to KJ and her old house.

but a lady and a boy is living already in the house.

DR is at the bus.

It's KJ's bday again and DR greeted him in her self.
It's also 10:10.

its also raining and DR had the umbrella..
when DR got off the bus, KJ called her

GDR! and now KJae followed her

DR: Annyeong, KKJ!
DR ran after KJ and held his hand.

DR smiled at him.

both stayed under the umbrella.

DR: I love you
KJ: last line... ????


Credit: Seme-flyer , otchosais

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