Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Synopsis Faith 신의 [Korean Drama]

Title: Faith (신의)
: Historical & Medical
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: Kim Jong Hak

  • Lee Min Ho (ลี มิน โฮ)- Admiral Choi Young
Choi Young is a young warrior in his mid-20s who never laughs but is also quite random. He sometimes grins brightly. He faces conflicts with the female doctor Eun Soo, who flies over from modern time to the Goryeo time, but soon feels attracted to her.
  • Kim Hee Sun (คิม ฮี สัน)- Dr. Eun Soo
Eun Soo is a modern day plastic surgeon who gets kidnapped by a Goryeo warrior and taken back to his time 700 years ago. She's ordered to patch up a princess who has been attacked by an assassin.
  • Min Hyo Rin - Princess No Guk
She was captured by China but is returned to Goryeo. On her way of returning to Goryeo, Princess No Guk gets injured.
  • Philip Lee
  • Kim Seung Soo
  • Lee Min Young

Synopsis Faith 신의 [Korean Drama]
A doctor of the Goryeo dynasty overcomes suffering and obstacles of the limits of science.

Credit: ebulli3nt, Drama Wiki

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