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Synopsis Romance of the Three Kingdoms [Mainland Drama]


Chinese Name:三国演义 (San Guo Yan Yi)
English name: Romance of the Three Kingdoms / The Story of Three Kingdoms  
Year to produce: 2009-2010 (New Version) 
Genre: Historical drama 
Episodes: 95 
Broadcast network: CCTV, Jiangsu TV, Anhui TV, Chongqing TV, Tianjin TV 
Broadcast period: 2010-May-01 to 2010-Jun-18 

  • Chen Jian Bin as Cao Cao
  • Yu He Wei as Liu Bei
  • Zhang Bo as Sun Quan
  • Lu Yi as Zhu Ge Liang
  • Nie Yuan as Zhao Yun
  • Yu Rong Guang as Guan Yu
  • Ruby Lin as Sun Shang Xiang
  • Victor Huang as Zhou Yu
  • Chen Hao as Diao Chan
  • Peter Ho as Lu Bu

Synopsis Romance of the Three Kingdoms [Mainland Drama]
The performance of separatist warlords from the Eastern HanDynasty, to the Guandu war, after World War II Red Cliff Three Kingdoms, to the familyusurped the throne, Sima Wei Jin go after the whole process of the world, certainly a "people ", "benevolence" based , Control the world we must first gather people's ideas;carry forward the sake of the general, overall situation, broad-minded, brave, tough,Shigenobu Shigeyoshi so will the quality and excellence of the Chinese spiritual tradition; demonstrated human philosophizing, military and political strategy , Internal and external policy to seek, fighting Art of War profound Chinese culture, such asculture and wisdom; filled with magnificent powerful, noble spirit of indomitable spirit.

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