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Synopsis Embarrassed People A Happy Life 囧人的幸福生活 [Mainland-Series]

Title: Embarrassed People A Happy Life / 囧人的幸福生活
Type: family / romance / fashion
Episode: 32 episodes
Released Date: 2012-06-11     
Directed by: Wenjie Zhu Dongning
Zhou Li  Fang Tao

  • Zhang Bo
  • Ma Xiaodong 
  • Guan Yue 
  • Liang Meili 
  • Jia Qing 
  • YI Xiao Xi 
  • Zhang Xun Jie 
  • Jin Shijie 
  • Cheng Kai 
  • Liang honest 
  • Hao Luo vanadium
  • Han Xia

Synopsis Embarrassed People A Happy Life 囧人的幸福生活 [Mainland-Series]
After 85 Ma Xiaodong is married, the house will be home secured bank loan to buy a house do not want to have been his girlfriend to hide the truth, and lost everything. The parents of the Ma family to defect to his son, but no room based, mother impatient sick horse. The face of a massive hit, the horse family did not give up. And strive to have a "home". Liang Meili white-collar workers with their own efforts to buy an apartment, but bear one million yuan mortgage and let the family live a glossy surface behind it sad embarrassing day. Liang mother stocks fail, beautiful romance, only to sell the house to repay.  

Liang female parent would like to find a rich husband for his daughter, but cock beautiful and rags Jindou, matching with. Through thick and thin, Ma Xiaodong and small landlord YI Xiao Xi initiation of love, beautiful brother honesty to love at first sight and friends reciting. A few of the young people for work, age, personality differences, the many twists and turns, and several parents for the children of the marriage, house and other practical problems, back and forth physical exertion. Love relatives guardian is home! These efforts have life, busy endless kindness and extraordinary embarrassing people warm to each other, encourage each other, and ultimately out of adversity, have a happy and beautiful home.
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