Friday, June 8, 2012

Synopsis Detective Tanglang [Mainland Drama]

Title: 唐 琅 探案 / Tang Lang Tan An. / Detective Tanglang
Category: Investigation, mystery, Detective
Episodes: 30
Broadcast: CNTV
Air Date: 2010-Oct-28Country: China MainlandAir In Thailand: Channel 64 [True Asian Series]

  •     Wallace Huo as Tang Lang.
  •     Zhang Meng as Huang Que.
  •     Huang Jue as Xie Tian Hong.
  •     Zeng Li as Luo Lan.
  •     Jin Sha as Qi Mei Lun.
  •     Wei Qian Xiang as Xiao Shan.
  •     Yu Yi (于 毅) as Rong Tian.

Plot Detective Tanglang [Mainland Drama]
In 1920's Shanghai, a gifted yet flippant detective solved a series of cold cases despite the city being controlled by criminal organizations. The case of an infamous mob boss' prison escape brought Detective Tang Lang and defense attorney Huang Que together. Tang Lang must find the mob boss before any harm comes to the judge who put him in prison. And, Huang Que must prove her client's innocence while he is on the run from the law. 
Tang Lang (Wallace Huo) to Shanghai, a private detective. A wise and good morals. He was assigned the difficult task that does not fix the problem. Often the case with many strange and political. He was always fiddling with Huang Que (Zhang Meng) is a young lawyer. A commitment. She has served as the secret spy case. The case is the successor to the Tang Lang. Initially the two often conflict and compete. But that was the beginning of the relationship that the binding of the two men.Online credit.


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