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Summary recap เรื่องย่อ I Do, I Do EP 8 [Korean Drama]

> TaeKang wakes up at the.....police
>Well.. He doesn't remember what he talked yesterday. TaeKang's father asks about JiAn. Oh..TaeKang didn't know about the fraud. He feels sad.
>JiAn gets to know TaeKang's pitiful situation and she feels bad. TaeKang is also embarrassed because of his mistake when he was drunk. 

>Oh! JiAn's father visits EunSung. He asks him to persuade JiAn to have an abortion. EunSung can't be bothered to talk it. He is compelled to tell about the JiAn's possibility of premature ovarian failure...

>NaRi wants to take the leadership. She makes a plan to defeat JiAn with Jake.
>Oh! TaeKang goes to Han River. Why? Why? OMGGGG He takes off his shoes. He is standing on a railing. Suicide?? Nooooooo
>Hehehehe It was JiAn's imagine. She worries to TaeKang. OMG JiAn meets TaeKang's father inadvertently! He gets angry!

- TaeKang's father : When and where did you meet TaeKang? Before he entered the company? Or after?
- Ji An : ...
TaeKang's friend's big He tells to TaeKang's father that she catched TaeKang.
JiAn pretends to ignore TaeKang. She said that TaeKang don't know anything about shoe and the only thing he can do is cleaning.
TaeKang's father feels sad. He prouds of his son. For TaeKang's father, even TaeKang has a rough manner, but deep down he's quite nice.

>At the office, JiAn and TaeKang meet.
- TaeKang : I will quit the office. It's merely a question of time that I get fired.
- JiAn : Is this no time to be proud? You are completely obsessed with this project.
- TaeKang : ....
- JiAn : And I don't think you as a man...until now and forever.
>NaRi and Jake's plan revealed!

- Jake : Let's divide into 2 teams. I will be in charge of one team and the other team's leader will be JiAn. The others can choose the team.
>NaRi suggests to TaeKang ; "Join to our team. You can learn from the basics."
>Poor JiAn......All of the members go to Jake's team... except TaeKang.. even faithful DaIn. They think that Ji An goes into a slump. She is shocked and disappointed.

>EunSung visits JiAn's office and meets TaeKang. JEALOUS TaeKang !! EunSung gives a tip(Do and Don't Lists) to JiAn.
-EunSung : Don't put on high-heels.
-JiAn : I can't ! I am a shoe designer!
-EunSung : And now you are an expectant mother!
>Poor JiAn. She is thoroughly confused..

-JiAn : What's going on to me?? I've really messed up! People said that I go into a slump..I have to prepare to election of CEO but I can't say anything to CEO..!!..
>TaeKang hears everything and he worries JiAn because she didn't eat anything...Hehe cute TaeKang. He goes off with JiAn's bag! Hehe Finally, they go to JiAn's home. Cute TaeKang !
>At the same time, EunSung buys a headache pill and goes to JiAn's office and her home. Poor....

>JiAn wanna go to toilet but it's sooooo far! TaeKang gives a ride to JiAn but it's not a car but

- JiAn : Why do you join to me? Jake's team seems to have more chance of success...Do you feel sympathy for me??
- TaeKang : .. No.. I just think that I can learn more under the strict teacher.^^
- JiAn : Well....Then.. I will make you a hard training.
- TaeKang : Will you teach me? OMG I will work hard! Thank you!

> (In front of JiAn's house)
-Ji An : I have a question. Why did you barred me from drinking alcohol?
-TaeKang : ...Just..Hmm.. You seemed not to want to drink.. So..
-JiAn : The thing you saw in my office was.....
-EunSung : Hwang Ji An..!!!!!

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