Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summary Recap เรื่องย่อ I Do, I Do Ep 7 [Korea Drama]

Ji An said to Eun Sung: Don't waste your feelings on me.
Eun Sung was shocked so he told their parents that they cannot get married. Ji An confessed to her parents about her pregnancy and SHOCKED them. Taegang waited for her in front of her house and saw Eunsung - which promptly got him super frustrated.
Ji An said to Eun Sung: I will have a baby... I don't want to have an abortion
Eun Sung recommended that she go to his hospital...

Ji An's friend recommends to Ji An that she has to investigate TaeKang secretly. Because Ji An's baby will resemble half of TaeKang.

TaeKang buys port hocks for JiAn. She wants to know about TaeKang.

Then Ji An gets a call from EunSung. He wants to give something to Ji An. She is embarrassed!!

Ohhhh TaeKang meets Eun Sung in front of Ji An's house. Now he imagines HOT DATE of Ji An and Eun

EunSung gives her Sounds of Nature. It lets her relax, or sleep peacefully to soothing sounds. JEALOUS TaeKang!

Tae Kang : You give me too much work!!
EunSung feels something bizarre.
>Oh....poor TaeKang.....He just pretends to be happy......
>In the office, They are inundated with phone calls.
NEW FACE !! Jake Khan makes an appearance! 2nd Manolo He will be a new supervisor for this project. Ohhh He is close friend of NaRi. She makes a diversion to Ji An. Jake Khan sucks.....He ignored Tae Kang. 

> They are having a welcoming party of Jake Khan. Jake Khan forces beer on JiAn. NaRi incites him.... Bad combinations-_- Then, TaeKang drinks the beer in place of Ji An! Wow! Prince charming<3 But from then, bad Jake Khan forces beer on TaeKang.
>TaeKang gets dead drunk. He gots a call from his friend because of his father.(Finally his father found the swindler and hit him. So his father was arrested.) Ji An gives him a drive.
>Now Ji An knows that TaeKang's father imitated her shoe design. Our poor TaeKang keeps piping up at the police office....It is in absolute chaos! 

>TaeKang : Where is JiAn?? Call her! I have something to say!!!
>Ji An : What?
>TaeKang : How dare you played with my emotion??
>Ji An : .....
>TaeKang : I can't understand. You always beat me badly tease me.... I can't find any reason but...
>Ji An : ....?...
>TaeKang : I wanted to give you a ring... It's my grandma's ring... Why...? The accident, I can't forget the day... For you, may be it's nothing. But For me, no...You know why? Because, because.... You are my first woman !!!!
>Ji An : ..!!!!!!!!!...

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