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Summary recap เรื่องย่อ A Gentleman’s Dignity Ep 10

Opening scene:
4 Guys in the PC room. Jungrok’s wife gave him a call, he didn’t accept it.
Sera called Teesan, he also didn’t accept. Jungrok got call from his shop, he answered.
The staff on his cafe, told him, Jung Jihyun came to the cafe, HE looked all the boys, but they just continued.

Then anther call come, telling him, Im yo Hwan also come (a famous sportman). They all automaticly get up and rush to the shop.


Ahri was drinking alone in the bar when Jungrok find her. Jungrok called Yoon.
But Yoon told Jungrok to call Teesan.

BAck to, Dojin and Yisoo last scene. Yisoo started to drink after hearing Dojin’s words.
Dojin help to pour her a drink. Yisoo told him to go out for a while. Dojin refused.
He told Yisoo not to call him until she has some confidence. Dojin went out.
Yisoo took another sip, and followed Dojin outside.

Yisoo said sorry again to Dojin. But she also expressed her dissapointment about Dojin’s word.
Seeing Yisoo’s anger, Dojin said she still look beautiful.

Dojin told Yisoo, He’s 41 years old. And he live with more and more confidence day by day.
he like Yisoo sincerely from the first time. But now he realized one thing, Yisoo never took his heart.

Dojin left her and got into the car. he then call a replacement driver.
He saw from his left side mirror, Yisoo left with tears and weak steps.
Yoon waited for Dojin at house. Dojin and Yoon ended drinking together while pouring their heart.

Yisoo got home, and crying in her room, with Sera on his side.
Sera keep asking her what happened.
Yisoo told her that she is worried someone will forget her.
next morning, at school

Yisoo was in conversation with one of students. The students was worried about his score for college’s test.

the students was more upset after hearing Yisoo’s word, and told her to talk to her mother.
Yisoo’s favorite students saw everything.

Yisoo’s fave student followed the students to his school. HE threatened him, and giving him the book like Yisoo gave him before.

He let the students to do the same like him.
Jungrok, Dojin, and Yoon had lunch together.

jungrok spoke in cute ways with his wife, She close the phone.
Everyone asked him what happened with him and Minsong, suddenly in good mood.
Jungrok hit on woman behind him, when he pulled his chair to go to the bathroom.
Jungrok back to his behavior, being sweet to the girl, and apologize.
Suddenly, a message come from his wife,..Jungrok looked around and check if his wife is around.

Jungrok called the restaurant quickly, called his wife and got home quickly.
Yoon asked Dojin where is Teesan.
Teesan and Sera was in date in some young area. 

They were watching some young kids and commented on their clothes. Sera told Teesan to wear a younger look once in a while.

Teesan said it’s not good for health, but Sera said high heels also not good, but men like women in high heels.

sera arrived at home, seeing Yisoo putting some stuff in garbage bag.
Sera asked and checked what’s inside. It was notebook and shoes from Dojin.
Yisoo said the notebook is for Sera since it’ll be a waste .
Yisoo threw the garbage bag.
Dojin was in a meeting at the office.

He was flipping some documents, when he suddenly stop.
He saw the picture of Yisoo that he draw in the documents.
he started thinking back Yisoo.

Sera was laughing when Yisoo got home.
She saw the screensaver in the computer.
Yisoo took the computer and take it back to her room.
Yisoo was browsing some documents in the documents.
She found the recording from Dojin’s pen.

One of the recording was the record from the first time they meet.
The other one is from his conversation with Yoon telling him about 2 woman which phone number he want to get.

The next one was the one from the sofa ccidents. With ending, Dojin said,it’s a lie, he hate to let Yisoo go away.

Yisoo suddenly remembered the garbage bag.
She got out thinking about getting back the garbage bag. 


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