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Summary Recap Bridal Mask ep6

Kangsan confesses himself to his dead mother. He says "Mom, wake up"
It's very emotional right now... I'm going to cry! -_-
He lays his mom down in the room because it's cold outside. The villager baekkon (the one who knows gaskitals identity) comes in and sees Kangsans mother, dead and is utterly shocked.

Kansan talks about how she was the foundation to the family and Kansan says how much he wanted to protect her and his family.

He is ashamed of himself for letting his own mother die. He thinks he didnt do a good job protecting his mom. He's going after revenge with the Gaskital mask.
Kenji talks with his chauffeur and is asked why he killed the mom. and he says he didnt, she ran into him. and he wish he killed Kangsan as well.

Hongju talks to the chief and wants money from the villagers and wants the chief to take care of logistical matters. Her guardsman executes 3 on duty officers on the road to get more info on Kangto.

Kangto appears on the scene of the dead officers and is trying to find out who did it. Kenji says its probably Gaksital, but Kangto thinks elsewise because Gaksital doesnt leave a knife killing signature. Gaksital doesnt kill only injures or beats.
Kenji sends his chauffeur to Kangto's house to be a spy. all of a sudden...
Gaksital comes and beats them up.!!

Kangto comes back and fights with his brother Gaksital. Gaksital goes back after Kenji but then is shot by his brother.
Baekkon comes in time to save Gaksital and takes him away.
Kangto follows the blood traces.

Kansan tells Baekkon to tell him to not tell who he really is, that kangto actually shot his brother and baekkon understands and flees.
they are at a stand off

Kangsan takes off the mask and kangto is shocked!!!

Kansan says sorry. He wanted to help his family and and especially is loving brother Kangto. Kangto doesnt understand his brother and is so confused and sorry. His brother says "My brother, you are so good looking, my brother. My Kin. i wanted to see you." and dies.

There is a flashback of all the scenes when Gaksital has protected Kangto. Also all the times when Kangto beat his older brother up, and now feels really sorry.
He goes in the house and finds his mother dead.

The villagers rejoice because Gaksital has returned the money to the villagers. They love him! and despise Kangto.

Kangto goes back outside says to his dead brother why he didnt protect his mom properly. and he got shot because he chose to be Gaksital. Then Baekkon tells Kangto he cant tell him the truth but to think about what happened.. and so Kangto gets up.
Kangto remembers that Gaksital was after Kenji. Baekkon knocks KAngto out.

Rebel villagers throw molotov cocktails into Kangtos house and burns it down.

Kangto sees his house on fire and wails. The rebels were obviously after Kangto and his family.

Shunji comes to give food to Kangto but gives to the guard. The guard says he isnt here, the guard tells Shunji about Tryingg to catch Gaksital. Shunji says to let him see Mokdan.

The guard tells the two that Gaksital is dead. And she cant believe it.
Mokdan tells Shunji that Gaksital has protected her on numerous occasions.
Kangto buries his two family members. It is here that Baekkon tells Kangto that Kangsan took on the role of a mentally ill person in order to protect him and his family.

There is a big reminiscing moment for Kangto. He remembers everything that happened between his family and him. He realizes that Kansan was still being a good brother and wished that he could see that, but he only sees it after he died.

The Imperial leaders talk about Kangto and his relation with Gaksital. Kimura is more after Kangto. Konno is concerned with Kangto as well, but Kimura thinks he can find a "diplomatic" solution.

Kimura and the imperial leaders meet for tea. With the seemingly ended threat of Gaksital, Kimura says he will now take matters into his hand.

Kimura tells his son Kenji to kill Gaksital and Kangto. Kenji promises to do so.
He goes straight to the hospital to get Mokdan but the guard there is gagged and shes nowhere to be found.

Mokdan, off her chains, has taken the imperial commanders clothes and sneaks off, then changes into a nurse clothing to escape.

She is caught by her ex-circus friend outside and is imprisoned.

The ex-circus friend goes back to the circus to tell everyone that Mokdan got imprisoned.
Shunji looks at masks and a circus friend tells Shunji about Mokdan being imprisoned. He's off to find her!

Kenji finds out that Kansan and his mom died in the fire in the house. He's happy. in comes Gaksital.. but who is this new Gaksital?? ;)

He beats up Kenji and kills him and in comes Shunji. They fight.
ends Episode 6!

Preview for Bridal Mask episode 7
Both Mokdan and Kangto say that Gaksital is not dead and is very much alive. Kangto asks Shunji if he thinks he can really protect Mokdan from danger. Shunji gets angry at a mask in his classroom and breaks it on the ground.

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