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Summary Recap เรื่องย่อ Bridal Mask Ep 9

Shunji swears in and is congratulated by his superior, although the superior was rooting for Kangto.

Kimura says to Shunji, not to trust Kangto. He doesnt understand because they’ve worked together this whole time, but Shunji abides by his father.
Shunji says to his juniors that anyone that disobeys or is for the “other side” will be gravely punished.

A while ago, when Kangto and Shunji were not friends, Kangto gets beaten and begs for medicine for his brother and to help him train to support his family.
They become great friends after that. They have a kendo match tournament and as the finalists, kangto wins!

They both laugh as friends but Shunjis passion was in teaching.
Shunji pulls Kangto aside and says “How was I? Was I awesome?”
They are still friends ^^

Kangto knows that Shunji has taken position and pride in order to protect Mokdan.
Shunji didnt release the circus prisoners, because his father knows about Mokdan and him, so he must proceed cautiously.

Mokdan talks to the elder circus man about why she was released, possibly because gaksital is really alive.

The mysterious spy enters a restaurant and a few of his “friends”

Shunji comes to the circus party and takes them captive for 24 hours. Any resistance will lead to death.

Mokdan asks if its because of her. He makes an excuse because of Gaksital killed his brother that he will protect her and capture Gaksital.

Back at the club, Kangto is asked about that one girl (Hongju), he thinks he is a player and can have anyone he wants.

Outside, Kangto nods at Baekkon and he goes off with a carriage.
Back in the chiefs’ office, one chief offers gold to the general that wanted Kangto to be promoted. He willingly accepts it.

The chief that gave the gold calls Kimura and says for Kimura to be sure next time when Gaksital is dead, because he doesnt believe he is.

Kimura talks to Shunji and says to make sure that Gaksital is indeed dead. Shunji says he will not fail.

In the neighborhood, the previous chief is released half naked and they believe that gaksital is alive and they see him.

The villagers chase the naked chief all the way to the military officers base.

Upon arriving, Shunji gets his gun ready and goes outside but instead only sees Kangto talking to an outside officer, he’s asked if he’s seen Gaksital. He says no. Kangto will be off to find and search for Gaksital.

Kimura and Shunji question the chief about Gaksital. Kimura thinks the chief has been useless to the pursuit of Gaksital.

Hongju meets and talks with the head chief and he is mesmerized by her. She is working her way into the officers trust. Sneaky sneaky!

Officers watch a circus show and the officers get angry because they believe the circus people are trying to imitate Gaksital. 

Behind stage the officers are approached by the rebel 3 and they guide Mokdan to another room with the guy who saved the train from explosion.

Who is this man??? It is none other than Mokdan’s FATHER!!!

The former chief meets with Kangto to tell him that Shunji and Kimura will cut off and demote all those that fail to give information about Gaksital, those that have encountered him.
Mokdan and her father are at a catholic church and they talk about her mom. He says he wants to meet Gaksital, and so he needs her help. He believes Gaksital will help their cause and so she will do everything she can to make that happen.

Kangto in Gaksital uniform finds the letter in the woods. Mokdan comes and finds the letter is gone.

She wonders why he hasnt shown his face, she wants to believe he is still alive. She cries and his heart feels for her.

She hangs another piece of cloth with a message on it. The message is she will be back tomorrow because there is someone she would like for Gaksital to meet.
There is a meeting with all the chiefs and officers. The chief head is angry that Shunji and Kimura lied about the death of Gaksital.

The chief orders for kimura to be arrested for being a part of the japanese forces instead of unification.

Shunji is furious.

Shunji goes to the rich representative because he believes he can get his father out of imprisonment.

The rich man calls for Hongju to work her powers in this matter.
She works her magic with the head chief and he is convinced and talks to Kangto’s chief about releasing Kimura.

Kangto tries to get a testimony out of Kimura but he is absolutely silent. He asks why he hates him so much. Still no answer….

Kangto understands they have their differences but he wishes for them to be united, but kumura says he will never be a part of the kimura’s friendshiphood. Shunji barges in and throws legal papers at Kangto, he releases his father. Now shunji is really angry at Kangto for putting cuffs on Kangto.

Shunji swears to catch Gaksital with no mercy.
Oh no, Shunji has turned completely bad.

He asks everyone at the office, if there are any opposers, even an inch, to leave th office. No one does. Shunji promises gaksital to die by his hand.

Credit: leegloria22

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