Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summary I Do I Do EP 3 [Korea Drama]

The winner of shoe reform contest is TaeKang

Ohhh Ji An awards him.Hehe She doesn't want to give him the plaque.
Ji An said, "I know that it was not your ability. You aren't talented !"

Tae Kang said, "I submitted an application for the company." Ji An is embarrassed! Hehe

Tae Kang said,"Please tell me the truth for just one minute! It was nothing to you??"
Oh no, JI An kicks him in the knee! She comes back to the banquet hall. Tae Kang runs into the hall and said, "Noona~~~~~ Am I nothing to you? I might not be Mr Right. I don't want to bother you..Bye noona."

People suddenly started making a

Tae Kang goes to the shoe company for the interview!!

Ji An starts to ask very very difficult questions such as the origin of high heel, 2013 women fashion trends to Tae Kang. Na Ri recommends Tae Kang for new employee. Haha she wants to salt down Ji An.

It's first day of Tae Kang*_* Lots of rumors about Tae Kang & Ji An!
Ji An doesn't permit him to participate in meeting.

Tae Kang calls to his father and asks about the shoe.
 Ji An and Tae Kang take same elevator.

While Ji An tease each other, Ji An has a stomachache:(
>>OMGGGG Ji An gets a call from marriage bureau! JI An is really angry and she dashes to Eun Sung! A sneaky guy! hehe

The company has a dinner engagement. It seems that all employees dont' welcome Tae Kang

Ji An and Eun Sung drop by Ji An's parents' house. OMGGG her parents regard him as Ji An's fiancé. Also, Eun Sung does his best! Hehe he likes Ji An very much!! He has a magnanimous personality. Eun Sung has Ji An's father ride on his back. His father looks really happy. Ji An feels sorry for her parents.

Ji An said, "How dare..?"

Eun Sung said, "Sorry.." Actually,Ji An wanted to make her father happy but it was so difficult for her.

OMGGGGG Tae Kang misknows Na Ri. He thinks that Na Ri and he joined the company at the same time. Tae Kang dances with her. 

Ji An starts to open her mind to Eun Sung! OMG*_* Eun Sung kisses her on the cheek!


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