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Summary Heartstrings Ep2

K tells him she doesnt want to know. S says he heard her play too and he didnt feel anything (in his heart) even a little bit. she asks if he knows anything about (her major). S: do I have to know it? K: if you dont know then dont talk out of turn. it’s a 100 times better than your loud music. S: is it? should we make a bet on it? K: fine- let’s make one -as much as you want. S: if someone loses – he says (something) for a month. K: do that – doesnt matter if it’s one or 2 months. S: will you be ok? K: if you lose dont go back on your words. S agrees and gets up to leave. K’s friend heard all that. K tells her to gather the girls.

K’s friend says she wants to be his shoes even so K tells her to come to her senses cuz their pride is hanging on this problem and their professor. friends ask what K is going to play (music) and she says they have to find one. girl points out if S sings everyone will fall for it. K says she already told him singing was forbidden/prohibited-this is just going to be instruments. another girl says they have a chance then. K agrees and says she cant forgive a guy who doesnt take traditional music seriously. some guy asks what they are talking about -who is not taking traditional music seriously. girl tells the guy a band named Stupid with good looking guys-that guy said K’s instrument made him sleep well. the guy asks then those guys are modern music majors right? and runs off.

he goes and blabs to other kids in their major that there is a bet between tradition and modern music majors cuz they arent taking tradtional music majors seriously. K runs in and tries to downplay it and says it was just a fun bet. the guy says they have to win. for the sake of the deceased professor they cant lose. now K is motivated too and says she will do her best and wont lose to those modern music majors.

K runs into SH and he says she might have broken his ribs-is her head made of rock. she asks if his ribs are made of toothpicks then. he asks if she is mad and tells her not to frown or she will have wrinkles. she asks why he came and he explains he was going to give it to her that time but the situation wasnt right so he gives her back her scroll. she says she thought she lost it and he says if it wasnt for him she would have. SH: i found it for you so you have to be thankful. she thanks him for this and for what he did at the hospital. he starts to brag he is a busy man and asks if she knows what broadway is and that he just came from there. she says she just thought of someone. he asks who. she refers to S as some “king of something”

the drummer -JH asks what is wrong with S cuz S seems like in a bad mood and offers to get him some food. S announces in 3 days they have a competition. JH asks what and S says modern vs traditional music. member asks why suddenly. S: a challenge was given/thrown. JH asks if S really agreed to do it and other guy asks why S agreed to do it cuz he has no interest in it. other one asks if it’s the girl who sang at the benefit. S: sang? he says let’s go to class and walks off.

JH is eating uncooked ramen when natasha (HJ) comes in. he asks if she came to see him. she asks if S is here and he says S went to class. do you know S? she asks what he is going to do with that info if he knows and asks why he is here. he says he is the drummer and she asks :what?” and remembers back to how he looked during the performance and right now. she doesnt believe it’s the same guy and warns him not to hang around her. he invites her to come and watch them when they compete against traditional music majors. she warns she is going to tell on him to S for pretending to be a band member. JH: i really am the drummer the

K tells her dad that nothing is working out cuz of that guy (S) and mentions how the two majors are battling it out. dad says how S is a bad guy for making his precious daughter sing and offers to come and give S allowance to be better to his daughter. K: what is that? he asks if S is that good looking and she makes a face. K: “like a girl he is a little pretty” and mentions his crappy personality. I dont know what others see in him to chase after him. her dad asks if he should visit her when he comes up for something but realizes it wont work out cuz that day is a weekday. her grandpa interrupts her call and she pretends she was talking to a girl friend and tells her grandpa to knock. he asks why she is talking at night and she says cuz her friend has something to say. she gets a call from a friend

someone in K’s major put up a poster insulting MM (modern music) majors so K suggest taking it down but MM are mad and calls a gathering. her friend says it’s too late. next MM put up a poster with stupid on it so K says they are ruined.

K and S run into each other. they side step to avoid but keep stepping to the same side. S: are you having fun? K: do you think I did it on purpose? she sees her group cheering her on. K: you didnt forget about the competition right? dont run off. he says something she shouldnt do and walks off. she mutters that she is going to make him suffer for a month.

K’s group is practing and she stops them and asks if they should do something else and her friend says this is their 5 th one and wants to just go with this one. but K says this is too average and says let’s look for something different.

S stops his band from practicing and the guy asks what now – what do you now like this time. S says this doesnt seem to be it -is there something other than this. JH:again? arent you hungry. other one says let’s eat and get strength but S says he isnt hungry. JH: I dont like you

SH is looking at a video of dancers and ask who directed. the guy says director kim and he is very popular.  SH says it’s ok and asks who choreographed it . the guy says someone famous but doesnt know the name. the guy says someone offered someone 

something and was turned down and fought over it. SH asks who said that. guy says it’s a rumor. and mentions how two professors are close. SH tells him to watch the rest and go. the guy asks where SH is going but SH says he doesnt need to know *a few names came out and I dont know any of these other characters names yet so no clue what they are talking about-sorry it was a waste of paragraph.

Y is dancing and falls again. she hears a sound so she asks :why did you come again – told you not to do this from now on. SH asks if she was waiting for someone. she asks what he is doing here at this time. he says it looks like she fell is her leg ok. she says she is and he doesnt need to worry about it. he says he heard she was going to choreograph some guy’s event and and since he might end up directing it he asks her not to do it cuz she doesnt have the talent to do it. just cuz you dance well doesnt mean you can 

choreograph well. she says he never saw her dance. he says since she is dancing to aovid ppl where no one can see it’s obvious without having  to watch her. he could understand if she had something to show and asks her to quit now if she doesnt want to be ridiculed. Y:what? SH: saying this for your sake. quit. she tells him to do as much as he wants cuz she will take it all. SH: how can I work with you? she asks if she has to worry about that too.(when she is in the situation he just laid out – meaning if she is that pitiful why should she worry about how he can work with her) SH holds her hand and calls her a “bad girl” 

(*wow could he be more of a buttwipe)
S arrives on his bike to see her sit down and cry but doesnt go in (awww- what a persistent little puppy)

K brings food and tells her grandpa she told him she would be late and to eat first - all he had to do was just set it out cuz all the side dishes were made-does is he have to make her do this now.he says of course -he has a granchild so why should he get his hands wet. she says cuz her grandpa looks down on her like this someone else does it to (S). he asks who does that. she mentions how there is a guy who looks down on TM (traditional music) and says he wasnt affected by TM. grandpa gets mad and asks who said that -did she leave him alone (meaning she needs to fight back) she mentions how she made a bet with him. grandpa says this is a war – dont think of sleep and practice/become better
gramps is drilling K saying stuff like inhale and as you  exhale -the rhythm of the (instrument) is spring summer fall winter – all four seasons are in it -and something else. he hits her with a stick for falling asleep  and not paying attention.she asks to stop cuz it’s 2am but he says she has to show that guy what the taste of TM is cuz he doesnt know. it’s a war- dont think of sleeping. her voice pleads – please grandpa let’s stop and sleep.
friend asks if K is ok and K says she is and will win but she falls face down from lack of sleep.

SH’s friend says it’s good that SH can do it (school’s 100 year anniversary show) but does he have time cuz he has that other event. SH says his schedule is tight and he’ll have to overwork but he thinks it will be fun cuz he thinks about when he was in school. SH says he is going to make a new program for what to do cuz he doesnt think it’s fun-the scale is too big and the story lacks. (why does this feel like Korean Glee all of a sudden). guy says professors will say something cuz they thought it was already set and now will have to change it. SH says the guy can convince them. he says he will try but since those professors have a lot of pride they might not listen to him. SH says he is going to hold auditions so the guy should prepare for it. the guy says SH has to be sure to use someone. SH asks who. the guy says someone high up’s daughter (HJ)

HJ is dancing and JH gets caught. she said she told him not to show up in front of her. JH: that’s why I was hiding.  cuz you said not to show up in front of you. W:how long were you there? JH: from a while ago. W: crazy. suddenly she remembers and asks:what? then you…. he nods and says he saw her fart and fan the smell away. he runs over and asks if she is sick somewhere. she tells him not to worry about it. then she asks if he has anything to eat. he asks if she is hungry and offers a bar. he says it’s good for when you dont have energy. she says she will gain weight. he says no matter how much he eats these he doesnt gain weight. she is annoyed at him and tells him to go. then she calls him back and asks for it. she eats and asks if he has more. he tells her to wait a little and he will get more. when he comes back she isnt there. he remembers he has to go compete and leaves. she is throwing up. she says she has to lose 1 kilogram more.

HA:Shocco locco

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