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Summary Heartstrings Ep10

You’ve fallen for me E10
After S tells her his wish for her to like him again, they cut to K at her house with her dad and grandpa. her dad offers to take her to school but she says she can go alone. GP asks why the dad came to seoul. her dad says work.

S’s mom looks for him but J says he left a while ago without his bike. S is waiting for K to come out of her home. he asks if she feels better. she says she is going to drop by hospital and then school. he holds out his hand so she was going to take it but he says to hand over her bag. she asks about his bike but he says cuz she cant ride it cuz she is sick they walk.

as they walk their hands almost touch so he points out it hurts to bump into each other’s hand so he says they have to hold hands

K’s dad comes out and S’s mom walks by. he makes a comment how it must be meant to me cuz their kids go to school together. she asks about his dad. then he mentions the prince of conceit is her son. she says how S is sweet after you get to know him. her dad says he came to seoul not just cuz of his dad but cuz of S’s mom. but she says dont talk about that and mentions how K is pretty and must take after her mom and that K cooks well too.

K orders ice cream with S. mean girls walk by and see K and S eating ice cream together. K asks him how his tastes and he says like ice cream. he tells her not to turn around cuz he saw the mean girls. they dont think it’s much of a big deal (cuz S pretended to act indifferent).

after they leave S says ”that’s good.” K asks if he was acting like he doesnt know her cuz of them. he explains how it will be tiring for both of them but she gets upset and says something about not hanging around. they see B on their way out so K walks with B. S says to himself - that wasnt what I meant.

JH is getting stuff from girls to eat (the girl baked it for him)  and HJ walks by so JH offers a cookie to her. he doesnt normally share but he is sharing only with her. she says no thank you and knocks it out of his hand by accident. she says how she cant eat that cuz there isnt much time left before the show

HJ’s mom meets with T. T talks about the broadway scandal SH has but she says forget what she said. it’s better for HJ to have a broadway director. she asks they not meet again and not to spread strange scandals about SH

T goes to see Y and asks if she heard the talk about SH. about how SH must have had a scandal with an actress (backing/supporting her). she says SH is not a kid so he must have had stuff going on in NY. T says he is telling her so she wont feel backstabbed later but she says she did that to SH first. she asks T not to come and talk about SH again. T replies he only said it thinking of her.

S sees how K is still getting mistreated by other girls. during rehearsal SH says how there isnt much time left. he says how K needs to stick next to HJ cuz K is her understudy. they all practice.

SH calls K and HJ over for a date. he gets them coffee. K eats her whipped cream and SH asks if it tastes good. HJ declines her whipped cream. SH tells K to learn from HJ and take better care of her body. HJ says there wont be a chance for K to go on so it’s ok. she tells K to eat. K says she will take care of her body from now on. SH says they are not at war – if something happens K has to go on so they have to take better care of each other. both girls reluctantly agree to treat each other better. he says they dont look like two girls who promised to do that so they both force smiles and tell each other to eat a lot.

S is waiting and bud asks if he was waiting for someone. S says he wasnt. K shows up. bud asks where she is coming from so she says she met the director. he mentions how K and S are doing the ending and asks to be first to hear it.

S asks if she has a minute. she tells him to talk. he starts to says – a while ago but B calls K. she says how the girls are meeting and asks K to go with her. B mentions to S that they are meeting often today.

other girls ask if K was eating ice cream with S. K asks how they heard. they mention the mean girls. K worries cuz she hears if they found out K and S were meeting other than the fact that they live next to each other those girls will pull out K’s hair. K mutters that it’s going to be worse than being tiring like S said (she worries about her hair)
the girls talk about K’s grandpa and buy clothes (K bought couple T’s pretending it’s for her grandpa but it wasnt )

S goes to meet her grandpa and says he is here to hear the rest of the story. S figures those girls wont follow K home.

S endures the story and GP says how S resembles GP when he was younger. K comes home so S is happy. but then B comes in. B asks why S is here. K explains how S is getting lessons from her GP. B shows GP the couple tee K bought the grandpa and K. he complains saying he only wear hanboks but tells them to leave so he can change into it
K asks what happened and S mentions how B and K are stuck together. S says that B needs to hear about GP’s story and tells her to listen before she goes. B thinks she is lucky. GP says S should hear the rest but he says he can anytime cuz he lives next door. S says thru the door that B is lucky and should feel honored. she actually likes the story
S wonders how far GP is going to go in his story -to what age. he says sorry. she asks for what. he says after meeing her he is talking more. she says how she knows what he meant about -it will get tiring. S asks if the couple tee was for him and says it’s good that it wasnt cuz it’s not his style

they decided to play what they worked on so far for the ending. he plays on his ipad and she plays on her phone. wow impressive. he asks how she likes it and she says it’s good. he brags how ppl say when he learns something once he gets more out of it. he says how he plans to use all the intruments for the climax. he mentions how he didnt feel that good about how SH treated her- doesnt she not like being the understudy cuz she might not get on stage even tho she works hard. she admits she started for S (and then some other  positive stuff.) she stares at him as he plays so he tells her not to just look at his face. she says she wasnt looking. they listen to music sharing earbuds

it’s night and GP is still telling his story. B’s legs hurt from sitting on them. K comes in and rescues her saying B has to go home. B limps out and asks if S has something against her – what did she do wrong to him. she limps home. K whispers sorry B

next morning S is waiting with his bike and tells her to get on. she is holding onto his bag so he tells her to hold on tight so she puts her arms around his waist.

at school he holds her hand. K says what are you going to do if kids see – I dont want my hair pulled. but S holds on. the mean girls look when bud points them out. they wonder why K and S are holding hands. ppl go crazy saying they are dating.

K’s friends asks why K didnt tell them. B says that’s why S had a reason to do that yesterday and she would have backed away if K had told her.

Y goes to see SH. he asks if anything is going on at school. Y says how K and S are dating. he mutters that there isnt much time left before the show. Y says K is just an understudy. SH warns if they miss one practice cuz of dating

HJ is practicing with KY. she asks if it still doesnt sound right. she doesnt understand the female lead- why all that cuz of a guy – what is love. he says the feeling you have just looking. he suggests eating first but she says no. he says  she will faint at this rate
HJ’s mom meets with some guys ( sponsors). they mention how HJ is the lead. they asks to see the show in advance since they are sponsors

HJ is practicing and JH comes and takes her to the roof. she says he should have said it there cuz she was practicing. he asks if she hasnt eaten. she doesnt look good. she mentions how she is eating vitamins and stuff. so he shows her food he made and it wont make her gain weight-even if she ate it all there wont be any calories hardly. she tastes it and says it’s good. she asks again if she wont gain weight. he promises to make it for her till the show.

Y and SH are eating. she talks about some italian restaurant she used to go to. he mentions how that owner has ten kids (so she escaped that he jokes)
T calls SH and says HJ’s mom will arrive in 40 mins with sponsors to see the showcase.
SH doesnt want to go but Y tries to convince him to go. she explains HJ’s mom just wants to brag about her daughter

K and S are playing their instrument. he asks why she put her hair up. she worries cuz they are coming after her and will pull her hair. he says he will stay by her side so she doesnt need to worry about that. he leans in really close and B walks in ( and interrupts again). B asks why K doesnt pick up her phone. K says it was on vibrate. B says they have to do the show cuz HJ’s mom is coming with sponsors

SH asks bud where HJ is and bud says HJ’s phone is off. SH hears that K is on her way so SH says this is why we have an understudy

HJ says she is full so JH tells her to take a nap and sings for her and HJ sleeps
HJ’s mom asks what that means – that HJ isnt here. she says T should have told her sooner. she asks who is going to perform and T says the understudy. other teacher worries that K might do better than HJ. T says it’s good cuz HJ’s mom wont stand still for that

SH checks with bud about the preparations. SH asks where KY is and says he better not run away.

K asks KY if he is ok. she tells him not to tremble cuz she is trusting him- let’s think of this as practice.S knocks and comes in.  KY says he will go out first. he thanks her.
S asks if she is ok so she says she is worried KY will run off – it’s a good thing she is just an understudy. he says how he trembles when he goes on to perform at catharsis. he holds her cheeks and says I think – you’ve fallen for me to the audience
sponsors find out HJ wont be on cuz she doesnt feel well and HJ’s mom says the understudy will be on. they think K wont be good.  the kids start

HJ wakes up and asks for her phone. she gets the messages and runs off saying she has to hurry and go. JH says let;s go together

KY comes on stage with K and they both sing. (Oh man I am happy) sponsors seem to like the performance. they clap and stand. S watched from the back. sponsor asks if K is the one from the audition the reporters wrote about – if she is this good how much better is the lead girl.

JH and HJ show up. HJ’s mom slaps HJ saying she told HJ not to hang out with JH. HJ tells him to leave. her mom asks if HJ was hanging out with JH and didnt answer her phone. her mom tells her to give it up cuz K was good and dont embarrass her parents
HJ’s mom goes to T and tells him to go ahead and do as planned about SH (spread the scandal)

SH musses up K’s hair saying she did well. S stops him saying K is not a little kid. S leads K away. KY remarks how much S likes K.

K’s friends says a big problem happened. K worries someone is coming to pull her hair. the mean girls are upset saying S cant date K and set up a demonstration in protest. S smiles so K asks why it’s funny. she gets mad at him so he asks why she is mad at him. she says she feels low cuz it seems like ppl think he is better than her. he asks what he should do but she says she isnt mad at him. K says she wants to be alone and leaves.her friends tell S that K has a reason to be mad. they want to go to the mean girls and S stops them. S goes over and says he is going to say it once – and makes them stop
SH asks why K looks like that. she asks him if she is not great compared to S. he says how she has the talent to move ppl. and to feel better. if S upset her tell SH about it. she thanks him for telling her about the musical  cuz a while ago while she was singing she was really happy.

S goes by her home. her GP comes out. he asks if S came to hear more about gugak. S says no – he has a part time job. GP wonders why she isnt coming home.
S is about to send her a text – sorry about awhile ago. J comes in and asks if he is really dating K. she says it’s ridiculous. S asks why – what’s wrong with K. she says for her brother -it is a waste (meaning he deserves someone better)  he says dont go around saying that. she tells him dating is ok but dont kiss cuz his popularity will go down
K’s friends says how cool S was (telling off the mean girls). they asks if S sent an apology text to K. K says let’s practice

Gu talks about K and S dating. SH says K is more precious than S (that it’s a waste that K is dating someone like S). S shows up and SH tells him not to make K cry. S asks why SH is saying that.

K says into the fan – LS is a dummy. S sends her a text – make sure to come to catharsis – and leave B out (dont bring B along). K picks out something to wear

HJ is lying in bed. her mom comes in. she says sorry for hitting you earlier. I am going to kick out the director and K so act like you dont know. HJ thanks her mom saying HJ was worried about them so it turned out well

S is playing and sees K walked in. K walks over to the stage and mean girls asks why K came.

S switches to his guitar and sings the song he made with his dad. K listens and remembers S’s wish that she liked him again. S nods over to her to come closer. she steps closer to the stage. he leans over and kisses her.


Preview Heartstrings Ep11
S walks her home. S: not much will happen – trust me – sleep well. he kisses her on the forehead

K lies to S that she is with a friend (when she was with SH)
SH tells K not to worry – you have me
S to K: why did you lie to me?
HA:shocco locco


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