Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Read The Magic Blade จอมดาบเจ้ายุทธจักร 天涯明月刀

Author古龙  / gulong / โกวเล้ง
Category: Martial Arts 武侠     -->Read 开始阅读
在很多人心目中,武侠小说非但不是文学,甚至也不能算是小说。对一个写武侠小说的人来说,这实在是件很悲哀的事。幸好还有一点事实是任何人都不能否认的—一一样东西如果能存在,就一定有它存在的价值。   武侠小说不但存在,而且已存在了很久!   关于武侠小说的源起,有很多种不同的说法:“从太史公的游侠列传开始,中国就有了武侠小说。”这当然是其中最堂皇的一种,可惜接受这种说法的人并不多。   因为武侠小说是传奇的,如果一定要将它和太史公那种严肃的传记文学相提并论,就未免有点自欺欺人。   在唐人的小说笔记中,才有些故事和武侠小说比较接近。   《唐人说荟》卷五,张蚣的《耳目记》中,就有段故事是非常“武侠”的。   “隋末,深州诸葛昂,性豪侠,渤海高瓒闻而造之,为设鸡肫而已,瓒小其用,明日大设,屈昂数十人,烹猪羊等长八尺,薄饼阔丈余,里裹粗如庭柱,盘作酒碗行巡,自作金刚舞以送之。   “昂至后日,高瓒所屈客数百人,大设,车行酒...

In the minds of many people, martial arts, not only is not literature, or even can not be regarded as novel. For a people who write novels, this is really a very sad thing. Fortunately, another point the fact is that anyone can deny that - a thing can exist, it must have its own value. The martial arts not only exists, but has existed for a long time! Starting on the source of martial arts, there are many different versions: "From Ranger Biography of Sima Qian started, there will be a martial arts." This is of course one of the most grand one, but unfortunately accept this argument does not and more. Because martial arts legend, sure to Sima Qian that serious biographical literature par, it would be a little self-deception. Chinese novel notes, some stories and novels closer. "Chinese Hui Kango, Zhang Qigongkangxian" eyes and ears in mind ", there is section of the story is very" martial arts ". "Sui Dynasty, the deep state Zhu Geang sexual cavalier, Bohai high-chan Wen made ​​the set of chicken gizzard, Zan use tomorrow set up, the flexor Aung dozens of people, cooking swine and sheep and other long-bachi, pizza wide Zhang Yu, wrapped in thick as Tingzhu plate for Punch Bowl line patrol, since the Vajra Dance to send Aung to the day after high Zan Qu off hundreds of people, a large set, dealers & wine ...


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