Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plot Late Blossom [Korea Drama]

Title: Late Blossom / 그대를 사랑합니다 / Keudaereul Saranghamnida
Network: SBS Plus
Release Date: April 16, 2012 @ Monday & Tuesday 21:00
Plot Late Blossom [Kr-Series]
Kim Man-Seok (Lee Soon-Jae) worked at a mid-size construction company for his entire life. He wasn't very good to his wife and she died suddenly one day. Since than, he has delivered milk for 7 years and trying to atone for his poor treatment to his wife. Kim Man-Seok then meets Song Yi-Bbun (Jeong Yeong-Suk), who recycles used paper for a living. Kim Man-Seok falls in love with Song Yi-Bbun.

Meanwhile, Jung Min-Chae (Kim Hyung-Joon) works as a civil service officer instead of serving out his military enlistment requirement. He is smart guy and attended Seoul University. At Seoul University, he developed a game and became a legendary figure in the gaming industry, but, because of the game he created, someone died. Afterwards, he traveled all over the world. Now, while he works as a civil service officer, he meets social worker Kim Yeon-Ah (Kim Yun-Seo) who is Kim Man-Seok's granddaughter. They soon fall in love.

"Late Blossom" is based on a internet comic written by Kang Pool. The web comic was first published on April 17, 2007 via web portal Daum - Credit: asianwiki

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