Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Faith" Lee Min-ho's first historical challenge

Actor Lee Min-ho was revealed in his suit of armor.

A fan of Lee Min-ho's personally took pictures of him on site of the SBS drama "Faith" and posted them on a blog.

The drama "Faith" was filmed on its set for a week now since the 5th. Open to the public, the site was crowded with people gathered to see Lee Min-ho and during break time, there was flashes from camera everywhere as if it were a fan meeting scene.

This picture was apparently taken with a zoom-in lense and even the word "Faith" is on there in a brush-like font so it seems like the main page of an official site. Those who have seen this picture are surprised at how well it was taken, thinking an official page had already been put up when the drama hadn't even started yet.

Lee Min-ho in the picture is waving around his sword as the warrior (the king's warrior Choi Yeong). In the synthetic picture of the two same characters facing each other, there is tension surrounding it as if he is fighting with himself. In other pictures, he is smiling like a boy.

Being in his mid-20s in the drama, Choi Yeong is a blunt warrior who never laughs but is also quite random. He sometimes grins brightly.

This character of Choi Yeong faces conflicts with the female doctor Eun-soo who flies over from the modern times to the Koryo times but soon feels attracted to her.

Those who have seen the movie say, "He is so cute but charismatic at the same time", "He is well fit for this role being so tall and all", "I didn't know he would look so good in armor" and more.

SBS drama "Faith" will be aired in August with a cast of Lee Min-ho, Kim Hee-seon, Ryoo Deok-han, Park Se-yeong, Lee Philip, Sin Eun-jeong and more.

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