Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Young Jae (of 4men) - Really/Just Once (꼭 한번) Ost Part 2

Part 2 Young Jae (of 4men) - Really/Just Once (꼭 한번) Official MV by @cjndrama + English 

I think of the first time I saw you
My heart hurts at the thought of never seeing you again
If I can turn back time and see you again
I’m sorry - I really want to tell you that

* Will we be able to meet once again really?
When will that come true, really?
As I walk along, in case I find traces of youI go out to the streets again today

I’m suffering to the point where I can’t breathe
But I live with the heart of never being able to see you again
If time stops and allows me to see youI love you - I really want to tell you that

* Repeat

Where will you be tomorrow?

Aren’t you looking for me too?

I really have to meet you
We really have to meet again
As I cry, in case you will be reflected in my tears
Again today, tears fall

Credits: Pop!Gasa

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