Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Synopsis Save Our School "Drama Special" series season 2

Title: Save Our School / 드라마 스페셜 - 국회의원 정치성 실종사건
드라마 스페셜 - SOS - Save our School (Deu-ra-ma Seu-pe-syeol - SOS - Save our School)
Network: KBS
Airing dates : 2012/05/20 @ Sun 23:45 

  • Jeong Woong-in 정웅인 As Kim Eun-seop  (김은섭)
  • Seo Sin-ae 서신애 As Bang Si-yeon (방시연)
  • Jeong In-seo 정인서 As Kim Cheong-na (김청나)
  • Kim Ae-ran 김애란 As Han Seon-sook (한선숙)
  • Park So-yeong-II 박소영 As Jang Min-seong  (장민성)
  • No Tae-yeop 노태엽 As Oh Ji-man (오지만)

Synopsis Save Our School  "Drama Special" series season 2
8th part of the "Drama Special" series season 2

There is a fire in the classroom. There were two students in that burning classroom. One died and one was taken to the hospital unconscious. Some say it was suicide and some say it was murder. Detective Eun-seob is staking out while the student is dying before he gets called in on the site. He witnesses the most terrible thing there.

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