Monday, May 14, 2012

Love Rain / Love Rides the Rain 사랑비 recap ep.15 + preview ep16

Inha asks Seojoon to give him some time with his relationship with yoonhee, but Seojoon feels angered he didnt give that same time with his family.

Who is that in the picture that Inha painted?!?!
Seojoon asks Hana to stay together no matter what anyone thinks but hana says she cant.

Inha visits Yoonhee to give the painting.

Seojoon comes home to a drunk mother.

Yoonhee wants to give a nice dinner to Inha for his birthday, so they go to the market toggether.

She really wants to date Seojoon. He's fed up and says yes. She is ecstatic! ^^
Seojoon sits in his room with a stack of photos of hana and reminisces his time with her.

Yoonhee's vision is starting to black out. Hana comes home and something seems off, but yoonhee says things are okay.

Sunho was invited for lunch with yoonhee, hana, and inha. He pretends to not know hana, but they know they are keeping it a secret.

Seojoon makes a crash visit because yoonhee secretly invited him. The lunch is awkward but Seojoon congratulates Inha on the marriage.

A congratulating smile?

The lunch continues to be awkward as they talk about being a brother and sister family.
Seojoon says to hana "This is what you wanted right? So then okay. Lets see how this plays out"

Inha talks to yoonhee, she gives him a watch which is what he gave her a long time ago.

Hana says not to see each other. Seojoon disagrees, he will not avoid her any more. His mom and his coworker come to see him. They don't see them.

Inha goes home and finds the old watch. Yoonhee starts to go blind again.

Hana's Sunbae (Senior) gives her a visit at her house. He gives her 2 theatre tickets. She gets to choose who she goes with... I wonder who!?!

Miho talks to Hana saying Seojoon is hers, so dont mess with her relationship with her.
Rockstar from busan is back and wants to work in the studio. haha.

Inha visits seojoon's studio and sees pictures of hana while yoonhee is at the hospital to get herself checked out.

Hana goes to the movies with her sunbae but her thoughts are too preoccupied.
Inha visits Yoonhee and sees her in her wedding dress and is at a loss for words.

Sunbae tries to make a move on Hana, but she leaves instead. She's stopped by Seojoon and he KISSES HER!!! 


In the previews, Inha breaks the news that he says he cant marry Yoonhee.
Sunho is protective of Hana and says to back off. Miho almost gets into a motor accident but Seojoon saves her. Hana is hurt in the process, and Sunho gets angry.

What will become of their relationship after these incidents?!?! Stay tuned tomorrow!


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